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That's kind of funny if we can put the next clip Dr Paul because we need a laugh after this kind of depressing show but this is a tweet that someone put out Nick Rizzuto. New York City's allowing you to hang out at the beaches but not swim California's allowing you to swim but not hang out. At the beaches. Both claimed science guiding their policies thought. That was kind of a good one but we did have a little action here. There's a there's a group that's formed inventory county They're called Park Patriots. And the going around to these parks closed and we talked about it last week. And they're taking the tape and they're challenging the officials. What does the law? What is the basis for you close in this part? We have a couple of pictures because right after we did our show. Yesterday I went out to Angleton where they they had a little A little demonstration if we can start putting a couple of them. Here's how they started. They took down this horrible orange tape. This orange fencing and then they let their kids play. Go to the next one. Here's where it belongs right in the trash Dr Fall. So the kids out there. Let's go to the next one. They were breaking through the caution tape on the swings having a good time and then the next one and then guess what happened. It's the same thing happened in Lake Jackson last week. The city workers call the police. The people who have their salaries paid by us. Residents call the police on these kids on these parents and the police showed up and it was fascinating because just like in Lake Jackson. They knew their rights and they knew what they were standing for and they questioned the police. He came in their very strong very heavy. In fact he had we the people tattooed on his arm and one of the parents said well. This park is for we. The people like you have your arm you know. And they told him this is not a law this is this is a guideline that you can't enforce it..

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