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And regularity i think is probably the most important tip but i can give anyone the next one is temperature and the vice here's keep it cool i think many people probably have had this advice before around about sixty five degrees fahrenheit is optimal which sounds probably a little bit too cold for most people if you want to you can go to bed with socks on if you get cold feet that's often complaint with cold rooms but cool it must be because you'll brain has to drop its core temperature by about two or three degrees fahrenheit to initiate sleep so that's the reason that you will always find it easier to full sleep in a room that's too cold than to halt because the room that's too cold is at least taking your brain buddy in the right thermal direction for good sleep in i'd been told by physician that by sleeping slightly colder temperature you do get more deep sleep is that true is true yeah the some marketable cities we've played around with his two you can essentially design what looks like sort of a wet suit which has lots and lots of veins in it that you can actually fuse water into so you can exquisitely control the temperature of any part of the body you can manipulate the hands just the feet or the core of the body is crazy type of stuff these experiments and soon they would start to play around with cooling of the body by refusing it with woman cold water and indeed they were able to find that when you are when you're locally cooling the core of the body but warming up the extremities you able to drop copen temperature initiate considerably more deep sleep sometimes between twenty and thirty percent more deep sleep allow especially in older adults to an olds away we see the most dramatic reduction in deep sleep while that's exciting but yeah i mean that's a wonderful you know potential nta teaching technology.

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