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Miller also says the court might choose to go really narrow in this case, and just strike down the New York concealed carry permit regime, but not rule on the broader issue of whether concealed carry is a constitutional right applicable across the entire nation. Yeah, and in fact, eborn mentions something along those lines too, that the wording of the opinion and the breakdown of the votes in this case will also be important. Win or loss in a Supreme Court case is a little bit of matter of perspective. You could have a ruling go against you, but there could be so much leeway in the ruling that you could still accomplish your core principles. So for instance, when Heller came down, everybody said, well, the gun control movement lost. Well, I never really agreed with that. I thought that Heller said, but I don't necessarily disagree with this. That there was a Second Amendment right to keep a gun in the home for self defense, but the Texan Heller itself left room for other regulation hence we've had now, I guess, 15 years or so of additional litigation around what Heller means. So we really are going to have to wait to see what the justices right in this opinion. Jordan, I think what he's saying is that when the brewing case is decided, we probably should hold off on posting our hot takes on social media, like two seconds after the opinion is handed down. Sounds like good advice for any case. Yeah, that's true, but I'm not going to follow it because I know that's my job. But good device. Great. For someone else. Okay, so that's going to do it for our super, super deep dive into the Bruin case. Today's episode was produced by the two of us Kimberly Robinson and Jordan Rubin along with David Schultz, our producer. This was edited by Josh blocks, ses stern, John crawley, and Tom Taylor, and Josh block is the executive producer of Bloomberg laws podcasts. We should also say that the organization every town for gun safety advocates for universal background checks and other gun control measures in Bloomberg law is operated by entities controlled by Michael Bloomberg who serves as a member of every town for gun safeties, advisory board. Check back in next week when we'll return to our regular programming with a deep dive episode of the court's December sitting until then, thanks for listening. My name is David Schultz and I'm here to announce on the merits, a new podcast from Bloomberg law that brings you everything you need to know about the biggest legal stories of the week, coupled with smart interviews and analysis on a variety of topics, such as the incoming Biden administration's judicial priorities. So I think diversity is kind of the watch word here. We'll also keep our eyes on the Supreme Court. Now everyone is on briar watch. We're all watching to see when or if justice Breyer is going to step down. You'll hear voices and perspectives from across the legal industry, including reporters and editors, attorneys, legal scholars, general counsel, but lest you think this podcast is all just news you can use from time to time we stumble on a court docket or legal opinion that for whatever reason, just piques our interest. And he started this opinion 224th of it, citing the passchendaele battle, is one of the largest battles of World War I. That seems like a strange way to start off an opinion on corporate law. You can download on the merits wherever you get your podcasts..

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