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The prime minister. Project Trojan was nearing closing face. At precisely six hundred, the next morning tunnels how we did we stop car and taking a thermos of t proceeded to leave his office. Just before the stock got underway, Lieutenant with appeared with another dispatch, accompanied by Captain Mackenzie and prided. Colonel Boston makes the way it was. Another dispatch don't PS. It's bad enough if not the disastrous. Not Another mountain with our little prison to Nossa. Knock themselves out. What the laboratory! The Mountain! It's exploded! It has like a Roman candle. We've got pictures. There was a fighter mosquito bombers over at the time. What happened the protector? If Backfire, how'd you know? That's why the catalyst is impossible. You see the mental fatigue on the grid is a function of an intimate man. We have a reliable agents report. The Germans are completely confused. They were operating the projector under top secret designation. Nobody knew any of the details. Except the doesn't scientists working on it and they were inside the laboratory when it blew, our man was in the rescue squad. There was nothing that's a cans models. All scientists said you realize that project Trojan with success. We've divert. The doesn't top scientists in the rocket program permanently. What do think we'll be decorated the? In this as we came particularly close to handing the whole war, the Germans on the silver platter I should just be forget subject surgeon. Against I see of course the. Kennedys I think we had all returned to precisely popular doing before the her nesty. Miss Started. The final phase of project was completed on the twenty second of March nineteen forty-three. The file through some inadvertent era was lost before the intelligence plans. Commission had a ton poll to the water. All personnel returned to the media's assignment. All right all right no splashing on the floor. I gotta get ready. For inspection by thirteen hundred. You have just heard x minus one presented by the National Broadcasting Company in cooperation with Galaxy Science, Fiction magazine, which this month features the William ten novel time in advance, the story of a man who made a strange bargain and endured the worst. The galaxy had to offer so that someday he could make the Earth Sweat Galaxy magazine on your new stand today tonight by transcription, x minus one is brought to you. Project Trojan.

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