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News fair and balanced news time is to pass seven from that kelocom meese center i'm saying alan a governor the man who fired a gun in a facebook video saying these scared after you've electric christian seminar at us yuval motel has put guilty to possession of a firearm by a prohibitive bersin now is facing up to ten years in prison and up to a quarter million dollars in fines many of the reserve traffic fatalities have been those that were not wearing seatbelts heavy vitrolles superintendent colonel craig price says it does not take long to be safe or seconds to put your seat kurt started a those might be the most horse state troopers are on the road watching to those not belted in we want to make sure that everybody does it so he's taken a very aggressive people forcement as an agency we can hopefully people toward making those choices that we see every day at my price says they are also stepping up reports by of distracted driving laws a jury is convicted and i will man of assaulting a south dakota police officer with his vehicle thirty seven year old travels to the peak of sioux city was accused of drinking tend to lob said kelly young with his vehicle during a traffic stop last august dragging him across the parking lot of driving away young suffered broken ribs cuts bruises in an injured foot he was out of work for about a month is clear now that both republican candidates for congress in south dakota are not afraid of rattlesnakes we have a video jio at kelocom of dusty johnson killing a rambler with an ax at eighteen camp in the black hills.

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