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Can AM seven hundred Tucson's. Most stimulating talk three things. I think you need to know number one. Yes. It right now. The latest ABC fifteen OH predictive insights, Paul has mixed Sally up six over cinema forty-seven forty one. And it's not good for cinema. As a couple of stories have come out that are not good one. We'll get to this. She was organizing meetings for people to hang out with a terrorist sympathizing, a lawyer who got busted for helping well terrorist attacks happen. And then I said you explain that one away. Also, she back in her radical days, and she's still a radical. She tries to hide it by dressing like a normal person. What does that mean a person that's on? We're gonna pink to to a green hair. That's what it means. She also compared American soldiers dying to people crossing our border illegally in dying. Not good for Kirstin. Second thing. I think you need to know big debate last night between Liam Marquez Peterson their Republican and anchor Patrick the democrat for CD to accelerate old seat, and and Kirkpatrick showed her true colors. I give it to her for being honest. She wants no border wall, but amnesty for Dacca recipients and dreamers. She also wants Medicare for all and said, she's extremely proud of her votes for ObamaCare. That's why she's running to make sure ObamaCare stays alive. She says the the stories from the dreamers are just tragic, and that's why she wants to work for them and everything else and. Yeah. And also, the January shooting made her change and want gun control. Just some of the things she stands for. She is not in step with the mainstream as they say third thing. I think you need to know Kevin McCarthy Republican congressman the house majority leader leader, according to Breitbart news, they had the story, and it was confirmed. He is going to introduce a Bill that would fully fund Trump's border wall. Twenty three point four billion with nothing else in it, no strings attached. Or I give us this. We'll give you Dacca. We'll give you nothing. They wanna make it a mid-term referendum twenty three point four billion. Now, it'd probably pass the house, but it has to get through the Senate, we need sixty votes. Let's Mitch wants to change it to fifty but they wanna make this a midterm thing to make even more Republican squad and vote and say man, you're gonna because if they could reintroduce us again. Once the new congress starts in January. I think that's the plan three things. I think you need to know. I wish they didn't wait till now to do this. But they wanna use it to try to get people out there to motivate them, even more to go. Go vote, which is pretty cool. Pretty cool. So Martha's up forty seven forty one. Now, the lead continues to grow not looking good for Kirstin cinema. And there's a story. I put it on my Facebook page Facebook dot com slash Garrett Lewis radio like it and follow it. I also I also. Put it on my Twitter account at gear. Lewis on Twitter tweeted it out. Fox News has the story. Senate damn hopeful Kirstin cinema promoted events, featuring convicted terror lawyer, excuse me. Yeah. There was a terrorist lawyer that was convicted for aiding and Islam, est terrorist organization and its leader. Can you believe that? A lawyer her name is Lynn Stewart. Lynn, stuart. Let me take you back. Here's the cinema. Apparently was a co founder of an activist group called local to global Justice. We've talked about that where she. She she ragged on American soldiers. She called them terrorist. She compared she said our American soldiers are committing terror in the Middle East. That's what she said Kirstin cinema. So she's a co this activist group local to global Justice the two two. She invited people in a now closed. Yahoo group to attend two events with a woman named Linda Stewart, these two events are in two thousand and three Lynn Stewart at the time of the invite was already charged with helping her former client Islamic radical terrorists, Omar op del rock Mon. She was charged with helping that guy radical terrorists. She helped pass on secret messages to his followers to commit terror attacks. This will again, do you understand what I'm saying? She literally was caught she would take notes and direction from her terrorist. Client, Omar, Omar, Abdel Rochman and she would pass them onto his followers. So they could commit terror attacks. And this woman was invited to events that Kirstin cinema organized. Let's hear from this woman who is helping terror attacks happen. And she wants to be your Senator. How do you? Explain this one away. Mon was charged and sentenced to life in the nineteen nineties for plotting to blow up the UN and FBI building tunnels and a bridge in New York City, and this woman was helping him achieve those tried to achieve those goals and Kirstin cinemas like I like you lunch. Come talk to my people at our at our at group local to global Justice in the first events. Invite cinema said the lawyer was quote emphatically, not guilty, and quote, don't you love that? And would not have been charged with the crime. If it weren't for the hastily enacted Patriot Act. Yeah. That extent expanded our government's power to surreal people and catch Lynne. Stewart was right after nine eleven. Cinema posted prior to the eleventh prouder September eleventh and the hastily enacted enacted at Patriot Act. Lynn Stewart never would have been indicted at all she added last April F B, and this is in two thousand three last April FBI agents, arrested Stewart at her Brooklyn home as they took her away in handcuffs, the FBI invaded and search term had an office her crime doing her job for the past twenty-seven years as an outspoken criminal defence lawyer. The second event that she invited Stewart to came just days later after the first cured again Lynn Stewart took messages from her terrorist client and passed them to his followers. They commit Terex and Kirstin suet and cinema thought that that was just fine. Just fine. Cinema's description of Stewart was not particularly accurate two years after events the events in Arizona Stewart was convicted when Stewart convicted of aiding the radical Egyptian cleric to pass on secret messages to a US designated terror group called the Islamic group. So. We're cinema said she would be innocent. She would never be indicted. She didn't do anything wrong. She's emphatically not guilty that secure Ston cinemas said about this woman. You'll Stewart was initially sentenced to Twenty-eight months in prison. But in two thousand ten re-sentence for ten years. The federal judge said Stewart also committed perjury and lacked remorse after her first hearing. She eventually was released in twenty th two thousand thirteen due to her medical condition and died last year. And Kirstin cinema. Said that she was not guilty. This lady was such a sicko. This Lynn Stewart. She literally lacked remorse after she got caught passing on instructions from her terrorist client to other little terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks. How do you recover from this? You add up all of the the I mean just horrific things from the past the the two. The fact that she called our soldiers terrorists they're committing acts of terror in the Middle East to try and look out for adults that got caught paying for sex with child prostitutes. What are they didn't know they were underage? That's what she said. There's so many horrible things and. If Martha wasn't such a bad candidate. It would be like seventy five to twenty five at this particular point because there are some people that just don't pay attention. Right. But at least Martha's up by six whether it's the cavenaugh affect I don't know. That's that's driving people to say, I'm gonna vote Republican because Democrats are just bad. So Martha's just getting that by default. I I don't know. But this this cinema is just awful. By the way, this Lynch Stewart who again was invited to to events organized by Houston cinema. She helped this rock Mon. He's the blind Sheikh guy. She helped him between nineteen ninety seven and two thousand two to pass instructions to his terror groups followers. Bloomberg news reported Rochman relied on Lynn, Stewart and two other people. Withdraw his group's support for the ceasefire with the Egyptian government after its nineteen Ninety-seven terror attack that left sixty two people dead. Fox News broke this story. Shockingly, the cinema campaign did not respond to Fox News is repeated requests for a comment. It shouldn't even be frigging close, right? Shouldn't be close. Would you like to comment on this? Eight eight zero eight zero five six seven eight and it's on my Facebook page Facebook dot com slash Gary Lewis radio like it and follow it. But we're not done there. That's just the beginning of the bad news. For Kirstin cinema. Oh, there's more. Having the goal to compare our soldiers, our military members dying in battle, comparing them dying in battle. Two people crossing our border illegally and dying. Really? That's what you're going with. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That's coming up seven eighteen..

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