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If you guys have never done that otherwise, we could just jump into the format and just just you didn't you didn't think you were going to be coming into an interview environment but guess what you are enough softballs. Now we're coming with the hard ones back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six, you said to Becky Johnson, and she quotes. Becky. Yeah. That fat ASS AIN'T GONNA move its. and. tweet right here. We've got becky Johnson here today Becky come confront Kevin. Spring right I thought it was a real thing. No I just I just really there's probably a lot of people that. Watch. Our Shit and are amazed at the editing because you're so good and Maybe you could talk a little bit about your editing beginnings or something or like where where did you learn how to add I started with stop. Motion Lego's Lego. All old cassette camera. And then I just didn't I never ever since that ever since I started doing that I just haven't ever thought of life not like I just kind of automatically made stuff with my friends and so over time I would just if I want to do a certain video, I'd try it out and then. It would normally suck and then I still feel that way. But over time I just really haven't stopped because I just. That's all I feel like doing but did you you grew up in? I. Think the realm of technology a little bit. When you're saying stop motion, you weren't doing that in camera necessarily. Camera. First, ones yeah we're in. Because it had the camera I had had a button four stop motion where it just recorded a frame of video. So you could just click it and it would it almost took pictures but it was you were taking pictures. Yeah. That's interesting. I remember being really obsessed with stop motion stuff as a kid too and and doing claymation a stop motion thing as a kid I remember being very fascinated by stop motion and. I had this. There was this thing when I was like I. Don't know maybe eleven that you like it came with like a tiny little film camera like really small like a like a really cheap small. That like remember the like the The rolls of film that Kinda looked like you know like vast and then you. Get into the camera so you could stick around it, and that thing was bigger than the camera and so and then it came with this tiny little poll that you could like set up, and then it had clay and then you could take like photos basically like like like polaroid or not polaroid's. But whatever the fuck that film stock is, and then you could anime clay and then you you. Take the film role to the fucking development place, and then you get it back and then you have like a flip book sort of and I remember doing that Kinda Shit way back in the day before there was like digital stop every kid is momentarily fascinated with the concept of stop motion and I think every single kid tries and ninety nine point eight percent three photos in they're like nope. fucking. Yes that's Right, and so many products for kids tried to capitalize on the the the the interest of stop motion, and try to get kids interested animation and stuff and none of them were like. Because it's not easy to do. It's not just thought as hell yeah. Tedious Kevin Do. You feel weird that you started making little films and stuff as a kid and you've continued to do that and that's basically what we do at the valley folk. That This is fun. Let's do it as as indoor thirties of that's cool. Yeah. It's the weird thing that a lot of people don't. Think about is the time in between all these big things happening. and. That's like kind of the most important part is like if I think back of there was times in my life where for years I wasn't really making videos that much I was thinking about it and I would think about stuff like that. But there was a time when it was just. Like I I didn't think this would ever come to be even though when I was a little kid, I was still doing it. Yeah it's really fortunate that we grew up in a time where I mean now kids can do crazy but like even the FA- I mean fifty years ago it was like if you were a kid, you couldn't just go and make a home movie. No. Real phone or payment in general is I I mean I haven't grown I. That's how I've grown up is being in this type of world with it but. Even. The I was around when you too was just starting right as I was Kinda just starting. So that whole thing the fact that. That's a career path. It's so simple to the amount of youtube videos that. Are Huge in our career. Builder, are so simple to do jody. Easy to me. Joe. Are you writing this down A. Mother's Day gift. Any mother's Day thoughts. Would was talking about it. It is just it hearkens back to everything that everybody was saying back when we we first started around that time and even started before that because it was happening on the Internet prior to Youtube was just happening in different ways and I go back even to high school when me and my friends were making things which I'm hoping that I can transfer some of those from vhs tapes that I have to digital show you guys and maybe do that reaction show with you but we have to do that I. Make. US Account. Yeah please make us accountable and continue to remind valley available.

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