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Matteo is on the line now. Hey, Matteo. Good afternoon. What's going on? Yeah. Hi, Richard. I just Sex in the last few minutes of your presentation about global warming. Yeah. And You know, I hate to be ah, one track minds. But If you do you know that they were getting ready, Tio, increase our plutonium pit production appearance. Latal. Absolutely. You know when I used to be full time. Activists on the nuclear issues. When when we were protest in the nuclear testing. We realised that one test cost around $20 million just to test not not to make a bomb, but just to test it. And I'm just curious. Why is our group think not getting to the point? We were saying screw this making new Did and why don't we instead focus On Solving this crime climate crisis. You know, I just can't. I'm just like in this belief, you know? What's the answer? Why are we creating more and more weapons? I mean, we have the pits that we have. Most of them seem to function quite well. So why do we need 80? More plutonium pits the year, you know, and There's a report recently that Landel conducted and, you know, really evil County loses about $3 million a year because Of the labs Existence Benefit County loses close to that the state has the whole comes out $11 million ahead, but most of that goes to Los Alamos County. This whole thing is just a huge And you know where they're going to decide to do what makes sense and stop making weapons of mass destruction and tryto live together in peace and take care of our environment. Or the Earth going to do it for us, you know, And it's just really sad that We're at that state are not. They are not the pits the new pills that they want to produce a real producer Atlanta All are they not designed for a new new model nuclear nuclear bomb basically a tactical nuclear weapon that they can use. They will kill people and leave the buildings intact. Isn't that the idea and that way we can deploy them in Europe? Give them to NATO. And it makes it easier to start a war. Yes, I'm not sure about leaving, leaving buildings intact. But I do know that the war in terrible news. Yes, where they can when they won't destroy the entire country where you could actually job drop him on an area and highly radioactive. Usable. Yeah, you know, And I mean, you look at the mess you've made in Iraq with depleted uranium. Just spread out all over. I mean, it's just absolute insanity, you know? And look at our beautiful You know, I live in California many years. It is so gorgeous and all. Life in the streams and the Brooks and Moss on the side of the tree. All of that is becoming a wasteland. Or we're going to spend instead of introduce him about that. Making usable nukes. I mean, man, I just I'm just you know a lot of people post on Facebook, and they're like I'm so depressed and then it's like all this goes hand in and you know it does here. Yeah, anyway and defend your comments, and I just thought I'd appreciate Matteo. Thank Furqan. They warm Absolutely take 42 minutes after two o'clock, It's good question. Excellent question. When will we wake up? Will we wake up? So This piece, written in Rolling stone rolling stone dot com By Wade Davis he published in a couple days ago, the piece is entitled the Unraveling. Of America, and he talked about Cove it and historic significant lies not in what it implied for daily lives change, after all, the one constant when it comes to culture. All peoples in all places at all. Times are always dancing with new possibilities for life. Companies eliminate downsize.

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