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That's gonna be it but the patriots still claimed him all right well politics got me let's go so this might be some funny business there is too what was the communication like what the patriots because 25 other teams had to pass on him before he could just be signed an and picked up off the waiver wire so that was one deal the second deal is this jordy nelson does not tweet allott jordy nelson is not run to instagram a bunch jordy nelson immediately went on instagram to defend doctor patrick mckenzie who has the doctor that was disparaged by martellus bennett the same comes from john kuhn who's no longer on the team james jones has been a near studio before an errand rogers all these guys came out and supported the doctor now what's fascinating as i spoke to mike mccarthy on saturday he never even address that with the team so this came organically from the players it wasn't initiative from the top down like hey we got to support our dr there's no no the players came out and instead of supporting a fellow player supported the team doctor said not only is this guy the best dr i've ever had he's also a real friend and has our best interest current former and player around the league i thought it was fascinating to see how that went down i picked carolina to win their division i've always believed their offense of lines hit and miss for me but i like their defense personnel they'll get greg olsen back i picked him as a playoff team to win this division what's maddening though is cam newton's hit or miss eichel and roller coaster cam last night that's cam at his best now do we just say it's the dolphins or do we say they're doing something different now now that was picasso last night that's the kamnu and you want like you said fourteen weeks a season and sometimes you only get at five i will say this i did their weak one game against the forty nine as i spoke with came i spoke of ron rivera they said pretty much it's going to take oh i got to be patient from to come back from a serious serious shoulder injury i.

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