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Well Good morning, everyone or waiting for Mark Simone to arrive on the scene. We learned yesterday that he has a new microphone Ray. They've kind of changed. The makeup of the microphones here to make it a little easier to do our stuff from home. And apparently Marcus had a little problem getting his to work at at least initially, anyway, he usually will appear in just a couple of minutes so We'll have a lot to talk about when he gets here. Obviously the big trip by the president out to the four plan in Michigan, everybody's concerned about him, wearing a mask and A speaking of the president and his Medical issues. I thought the press secretary Kaley McNamee did just a fabulous shabby other day when people were asking about the president, taking hydroxy chloroquine, and she pointed out that he did it in consultation with his doctors that it is a safe drug. It's been on the market for many many years and has been used effectively and You know that's the choice he made and She also pointed out that I think it was Chris Cuomo who came down with coronavirus and you know of all the criticism of president trump Chris Cuomo apparently took a different version of hydroxy, chloroquine and apparently one that was Well a lot more dangerous sell it does work and again. I've been Marcus told you. I have many many cases where this drug has been used by people who had corona virus, and it's been very very effective again. These are personal decisions. People have to make. was allowed issues to discuss today. I think one of them here. This is a a report from Columbia University that talked about the possibility of saving lives. Had We locked down earlier? ninety one. I think we're about ninety three thousand Americans die from Covid, but researchers now say these Columbia people that nearly thirty six thousand fewer people would have died. By early May if social distancing rules had been announced just one week earlier. Now I'm sure there's a lot of people out there. That are GONNA point well see president trump. He didn't act fast enough. But my theory here is as we wait for Mark Simone my theory is that I think a lot of the blame has to lay at the foot of governor. Cuomo because this area New York City and Westchester Connecticut But New York City and Westchester the epicenter of this outbreak, and if you could go back to the first case I real of public case that we had of corona virus was an individual in new Rochelle. And what the governor did in reaction to that was. At some point I think A. Couple of days after became aware that this was a coronavirus case. He put up a one mile zone around new Rochelle now the idea. I assume. Had you done? It properly would have been to keep people out, but it was porous, and people could come and go and I think that really dramatically spread the virus. In new. York and then to the rest of the country. We have marked. We have you yet. Yeah. He back on your phone. Listen. Everything works fine over here mixer microphone. Everything's perfect, but we got this new software, which is way too sensitive and screws up. We could go back to the old software and everything. It'd be perfect, but For some reason they won't do that so. Mine's working just fine I. Mean I I assume you have the same sort of microphone program that I have. Yeah, but I, don't know. We have four weeks without a problem now. Look this everything else I. Get it on the year. anyway, what did I miss? So I was talking about a couple of things I talked about the new press secretary Kelly, McNamee Whatever her name. Is there they're? Just beating down the press when they were questioning president trump taking the hydroxy chloroquine and she pointed out the Chris Cuomo took a dangerous version of that. What you gotTA remember everybody. Every hostile. Every major doctor is using hydroxy. Clark win all patients except you. Can't yourself 'cause if you have any kind of hard issue? Or. You're on other medications that might conflict. You can't take it, but everybody everywhere as using directs the Clark Clinton every country. It's been very successful. Dr. Chee recommended in two thousand and five for Corona viruses, even though he's playing some game now, but everybody's using it It has no possible side effects unless you take it for over a year. If it's for Corona virus, you're not gonNA take it more than ten days. So it's perfectly safe Y- The problem is the president should come out, said I don't want anybody to take this. And then the press would have demanded that everybody. Take it. The other thing is, we could solve our drug problem right now. He should come out and say I love pot. Smoking it all the time that would make the press stop everybody from news, and so it's It's just as trump derangement syndrome gotten to everybody, and you must not know anybody who said Corona virus. Yes. Yes, several, did they? Were they giving it? Yes. Yeah. And it works. It always now that you're that. What does it dramatically reduces the symptoms, and if you can get it very very very early in the in the process, it can really reduce the symptoms, so you basically just have a bad cold for a while. So now. Here's a real story I think You wouldn't take just prophylactically you could, but it probably has no effect there. A lot of said they think the president was more exposed to the virus that we're hearing is supposedly valley came in for one minute, but they think. Maybe it was a longer exposure and that's why they put him on this. That's the way healthcare workers take it because they know they're being exposed constantly. So it's not will prevent it, but if you keep taking if you got the virus you, you got that stuff in your system so early because it will fight the virus for you so. I. Think if if he comes down with this, you know just imagine the outcry because he didn't wear a mask, he didn't social distance Well. I watched those cuomo briefings every day, and he always takes questions and nobody has ever said to him. Why aren't you wearing a mask? Nobody's ever asked him. You'll notice his briefings. They're all over the state. One Days in Rochester next days in Buffalo. He was north well the other day he was at this fact. has he ever worn a mask anywhere? I've never seen him with one on really..

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