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Another reminder that we've moved off of facebook and we're using our own little community now. It's a great place to discuss the podcast episodes to share all your dad tips and tricks things where you're failing where you're winning prayer requests all that kind of good stuff so i would love to have. You can be part of that. You can do that by into data dot com slash. Join again if you want to jump into our family leadership program. We have a couple of spots left for that go to data dot com forward slash lead. A couple of weeks ago. I saw online. That harry connick. Junior had put an album out called alone in my faith. Which by because i seen him on like american idol. That was kind of my being familiar with his music. I'd listen to some of his music before that but then heard more of that. Once i watched a few seasons of american idol and so it just caught my eye when he said alone in my faith. So i'm always like if somebody to talk about their journey in faith and following jesus. I am always down to listen to that. And i just love hearing people's stories man. I love hearing how. God captures people's heart so i reached out and i just had. Hey man we gotta podcasts. Were dads and we're trying to figure out what it looks like stumbling our faith on interested to learn more about your faith and how that came to be and so that was my starting question for him. I just like. How did you even get involved in practicing christianity. Was that new for you. Is that part of your upbringing was at mom and dad and so this was his answer. And we'll just jump right into the interview. I grew up. Going to church. My dad since i was you know as a baby and then my mother died when i was thirteen was right around that time. I just felt like. I wanted to be a part of this christian community so i got baptized. I got confirmed in the catholic church and it was something that gave me a great deal of comfort at that time in my life and continued through this day gives me you know immense comfort. My faith.

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