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We're going to do a right here today. My name is aaron. Camaro join his always a good brother. Kristen zac what's going on man. Not much excited to talk to our guest today. We've never had him on the show before but we're changing chains at this week. Yeah definitely it's about time. But yeah we're gonna talk to ron keel. All kinds of different stuff. It's going to be awesome. But i think the most important thing and we started talking about this from what. I can remember this last friday night but rockin pod twenty twenty one. It's official yes. It is god willing so we got dates announced. We've got location announce we've got some guests announced chris launch. Phyllis give us the quick rundown of where we're at so far with rock and pie. Twenty twenty one art. Well i guess most important is the dates. Rockin pot will be the weekend of rock and pot will be august. Sixth through eighth this year in nashville as always and doing it the hilton nashville airport. This time and got a few guest already announced what he had. Tickets are on sale Discounted hotel rooms are on sale. I'm being super transparent this year the way that the event survives as if you book through our hotel link because that tell rooms cover our venue space so please consider booking through the hotel link The but yeah. We've got tickets. Vip's we've got podcasts or registration up with discount. If you stay at the hotel and all that good stuff scoring on you can sign for the newsletter and some of the guests. We've announced so far. Obviously ron keel. Who have on today. And we'll go into a little bit of rock and pod stuff with him. Don jamieson comedian from that metal. Show tommy ski. Oh from resistant biden. And of course formerly of tesla and the whole band resistant bite will be at the expo but more importantly they will be playing the rock and pod pre party concert the night before Along with a Along with a rare hair set and probably another act to be named soon That's going to be exciting. Still working on the venue for that. But that's gonna be the lineup and really excited to see tommy's ban play because i just finished a new record and i'm thinking it might be out by that time but even if it's not you'll get to hear tracks from that record live so that'll be cool and if you weren't previous years and you don't know our good friend tyson. Leslie does the rare hair. That's basically an all star jam and it's going to be a lot of all stars that we can win is jamming that night..

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