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Good games tied at five. Gotta make Tennessee shoot those tough twos. Because if they can get hot young, they are they are tough to deal with that opens the inside up for them. Half gone. Nobody's miss Washington. Top of the circle faces up all the way and scribes right flips it over to Johnson on the way back to Washington at the high post goes up with an eighteen footer on you say you want to say it again. Nobody's mischief. You figure eventually somebody will here's bone to the right elbow makes you turn comes back out front now. Washington matched up on Williams. Download Scofield down the lane puts it up over Travis. Alexander get that one Alexsandr got his hand on it. Guys. That's hasn't played well against Kentucky makes his presence felt the first biscuits tipped back in by Tennessee. And it's seven seven. Just over two minutes in Washington. Got it left to the lane is up on a fifteen footer Noga. Knocks the rebound out of bounds. Tennessee's ball. Venezia's guards have hurt to tuck your did her Kentucky the perimeter players in the second in the rematch in Knoxville the first game in Lexi pets, did an excellent job on all of them were the exception Abon. He's been excellent in both games. Donate twenty seven. Over the last two high post to Williams over Travis shoots and. Foul called on Travis as Williams just for his body. Right into Travis Travis gets called his first. Williams gets a lot of calls very similar to what Zion Williams. It gets throws body. And they're very seldom do they get a charge Paul in that time like whistle on top of the free throw. Good off the back of the iron Williams eleventh in the country and the rate at which he draws fouls. Eighty three percent free throw shooter. This is two hundred thirty six free throw at it's good. He gets one attitude. Tennessee has its first lead at eight two seven twenty four in a row against. Like that here in Nashville, Tennessee, one in overtime. Hagen's deep on the left side picks up his dribble. Concept comes out on the left wing to get it gives it back to Hagans. Doc ID fifteen Ashton backs out to his left back towards the middle. Picks up his dribble. Light of the circle. He wrote opposite back down. Off to Johnson left powder. Three ball. Scofield is guarding. Kelvin johnson. Most of the time that should be a matchup speedy quick to twice. Kelvin should have phone drives down the lane. Pull up. Ten airball. Travis had the rebound couldn't come up with. But hagan's does ahead to Johnson left to the lane goes to the bucket backs it up balance Tenessee and Johnson took it right into the chest that Scofield, and course, the foul I one of those Tennessee back quickly. They had two guys back spill field and Turner was back. Elder did the right thing. Kelvin was aggressive. He attack the rim. Didn't charge. Shocks last night one of seven scored only four points, but he was very aggressive or what got into some early foul. Trouble. Two free throws short toga seventy one percent shooter. But that that went over the front of the rim this game. We'll have some interesting ebbs and flows. Spouse dots here and their turnover here. Second one's good six for Johnson. Eleven eight Kentucky address. Phone comes into frontcourt for Tennessee, walks it over to the right side back towards the middle corner on hagan's downhill a lot. It's the coaches look to say in Knoxville. Williams has it aside about fifteen feet out faces up on crevice into the lane pulls up from Ted missed it hero. Gives it to Hagen's Kentucky trying to run it down the lane and the front court jump stop at the left. Lock out to Johnson deep on the left side to get it back in the hands of Hagen's floor pushed it very quickly transition. Tennessee was back. Good decision. Not to force Pataki. We'll try to get the shot off it set off Johnson right side beyond the arc is a Travis ten feet out right in the late into the paint, David's to the basket. Or D war Alexander out with the great footwork that Todd. How sweet was that? Right. In Whittaker shot thirteen eight Kentucky phone, right? The lane. Can't get the shot over the Scofield three good off the left wing. You.

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