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About what fear campaigns do veer pay and pains. Don't motivate people to vote they motivate people not to vote. Don't they explain. Some people might think. Oh this fear campaigns going to inspire more. It looks to me like it's a scare tactic. It's an absolute scare tactic and it was interesting. It's completely dubious because they try to. They a lot of what we're starting to see in social media and social media feeds for example my staff I think I shared with you chuck. They're starting to receive a stuff from the from the right talking about socialism and how the Democrats are bad. And so they tried equivocate. These policies as kind of neutrally both you being courted but in a perverse way. Now it's more of a stay at home you're getting courted in Don't come out right because if you think we're bad well they're gonNA send you back to the country that you your family may have come from what they've experienced right so it kinda neutralizes. The vote The Democrats are doing the same the thing on the Republican side. They're trying to neutralize the Republicans from coming out But it's not a not a healthy tactic or long term strategy. If what you believe if you believe that are the underpinnings of our democracy isn't massive participation right so for both of these parties to be up to those dirty tactics for the work that I do. It's not only more difficult difficult but I really believe that. The system works for the people who occupy and our job is to occupy these young people into the boat voting booth. It is tough in politics. Do not have an aspirational final message. And I feel like now this is I have. Do you feel as if that the Spanish community right now. Particularly the politically engaged Hispanics SPANDEX. Feel as if there's a fear campaign. This is considering Paso batter this Milwaukee incident. I just our in our job job is to counteract I was just going to say what you view your messaging to be. What do you view? And here's something else who could step up to fill the leadership void right now. Is it have to be a presidential candidate or are there others. I think it has to be a combination. I think that it has to become a nation but I think it has to be someone that can speak to do the totality of Americans for it to be effective and for it to be smart And in this moment when we talk about the fear tactics they're real because people who have done harm to Latino community has connected directly to the voting block you mentioned El Paso in El Paso the creed that this man who decided that he was going to jump in ten hours and drive down and kill 'em 'cause maximum pain in his creed. He said that he wanted to Tamper Down Hispanic voting block. You can't get more explicit it and so we're hearing the messages but what we need to do is Talk Mano Mano with the Community and take a lot of lessons that we borrowed from the Civil Rights Movement and that we borrowed from California after proposition. Eighty seven where we were experiencing very similar heightened tension not as much direct violence and and that was organized. And speak about what happens. When you participate California Up to twenty five years ago it was a swing state and then Pete Wilson decided that he was gonna put it on the backs of our families and we decided to organize and mobilize and now California's solidly blue But that was Republicans fault I would say this is the Republicans. They should be talking to people's aspirations of why they moved their family here for many purposes. Let's bring this to close on this question. which is You're you're you're a voter If anything your vote engagement voter registration organization Voto Latino. I think I know you've said this before. You have a concern that it's it's not the Democrats are going to be complacent about the Latino vote. It's that they aren't going to be fully engaged enough in vote that it's it's that there isn't a Enough registration campaigns isn't enough outreach. Who's doing the best job that you've seen so far? Let's instead of focusing on the negative of this presidential presidential campaigns who is checking a box and who is actually trying to do more than just check a box interesting. When I look at the political debates? Or whoever's going to win I would say that the majority of Democrats Reg Democrats are GONNA go out and vote for whoever The job is to ensure that you keep the white suburban moms that came out during the midterms. You want to keep them in your camp and you WanNa grow where the marketplaces you have. Twelve million young people that have turned eighteen since the last election. Twelve million more than boomers for the first time so we're going to have the largest generation that is the youngest generation that is under registered. And you have exactly fifteen million Latinos that are under register. This are the only two marketplaces you can go to go right so nothing is going to go where the voters are and that is in the south interesting. It's all on the south. It's all in the south. I mean Arizona. Virginia Georgia Texas North Carolina. It is in the south. The fact that say the least tilt story of the two thousand eighteen. Election's there are so many wins Arizona purple. No one talks about that. Not only is it is it. Is it like Virginia's it just stopping by purple on its way to it was in. Hov Lane from two thousand now. I mean it went from red to blue and twenty years a big. That's a fast change in exchange huge you change and this is what's wild Texas not so far behind Texas two point five million literally a quarter of all eligible young Latino voters in that state and they're scared and they're angry what. Why is there all this money being spent on other programs and not on voter registration and I mean it feels like I'm always surprised at how? How underfunded voter registration campaigns are in Texas in general? You and me. Both I think part of the reason is that this is this talks more about the mechanics. People often times they lean church what they know and if you look at the political establishment from both parties most of the consultants and most of the operatives are all from the Midwest that is what they now oh so true. That's a fascinating point about it. It is amazing. How many operatives both parties have Iowa experience but that's what they know right so they keep leaning into it instead dead of actually saying well? This is where the future is and if there is if Virginia Colorado Nevada of recent history are any indication of where the future is it is through so young people is through Latinos is through suburban. MOMS always a pleasure to speak with my friend and colleague Maria Theresa Kamar. When we come back I'll be joined by Jonah? Goldberg and Steve Hayes both formerly.

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