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It doesn't exist. He could exist I don't know if this team was built around. What he wants or was built around something completely different. Maybe the youngest ones on twitter a buxton. Apparently he's boxing. I made sure to verify with his other tweets not like past few days for like the past years he said. Mike wound is heavy version of jason garrett in dallas laprairie. He's got nothing you're saying. He got nugget again. Let me tell you why because as much as we say about the clippers. Tidy made the adjustments. Yeah he did and again. Obviously losing zubac was kinda rough but taking a tomb out Removing mike Marcus morris out for the one game and put them to the bench just chef around but In this situation obviously might be. Just you know he's looking through this roster and now you gotta sit there and say who's going to be the guy it has to be. Chris middleton it has to be drawn and most likely gonna bring. Bobby portis up right because tucker tucker's not hitting the the corner three consistently even though he didn't wanna do it in houston. He's still not shooting as well as us to from the corner three so you can't really rely on him to get you know more than eight points. Maybe ten that he gets you. But we're going to have to see more of the old brook lopez in the black. Doing post moves on clean cappella right. We're gonna have to see. Chris middleton take that next step to superstar. That's what we're going to have to see. Or or johnny. Yes what this series. It's over if they can't do that. I think this goes seven without janas. Think so i obviously honest is more important than trae young right of course and i say that because as i just mentioned previously by donna vich score he streaky. But he's a score. We already know a captain. Lewellen give you. I mean he he can do it right lou. Williams can do it camera reddish young player but we know his head agree. And which i think is the all time or i guess. The major factor here is gala. Nari between nari between gallinari. Donna which and.

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