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Wow ben is going to be much better than joel and less distracted by models and so social media still balling wrote in october two thousand seventeen this one of these unknowns accounts you know these unnamed accounts responded to somebody now this is what i tweet out last night this is not jim murray's sports world anymore folks this is not jim murray sports world anymore that that somebody at philly underscore a whole says this dude just loves collars meaning the high collar of brian klenge like commenting on colangelo action and enough unknown sources retorts that is enormous collar move on finding new responding to color smacktalk who's the person who called papa colangelo today and said hey last night hey i gotta tell you something here's the issue and we'll talk about this with howard beck of the bleacher report in a matter of moments he's gonna be i i mean we're getting right to this here's the issue colangelo careers one thing and obviously that's one thing i'm talking about the philadelphia seventy six franchise as a whole right now july one is coming up fast july wants cone up vast and the guy who's going to be sitting there on the free agent market on july one could be done with his professional basketball season in a week and a half from now and starting to think about all this and reading about all this and seeing about all this and it isn't harley possible the brown james wants join the process just take a look at the western conference piccolo to the eastern conference although i would prefer to say if the bronze looking over the steering wheel for the next five years it is more likely than not that the celtics are about to become a dynamo and the warriors are more likely to somebody one of the hamptons five or four of the hamptons five is going to want to get paid.

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