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23, the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, Kevin Glory. We have some pretty big delays here If you're leaving the city on the outbound Tobin Bridge locked up just about center span of the bridge here for about a mile getting into the work zone here in the Chelsea curves. Once you get by that worker, you're looking pretty good. I'll pass route 60 and Revere on up. Indio, Saugus and further up into the Lindfield Tunnel South bounds. Okay. No troubles here on the upper render 1 28 getting up past that Burlington and Woburn stretch 90 three's Okay about 10 minutes now from Boston, getting up past 1 28 and into Wilmington downtown. No troubles here heading into town on the lower decks taken bridge through the O'Neill tunnel. You get on the expressway South bound So far so good. You make it a tap on the brakes here at the Columbia Road on ramp, But that's about it down in Wrentham 4 95 North bound slowdowns approaching pothole cruise after Route one day and Wrentham this morning they had the two left lanes blocked. Looks like they may have that right lane blocked right now, and we've been talking about that sergeant to Fosse's funeral procession down the Norton Looks like they're already closing roads, especially portions of route 1 23, which is West Main Street on over towards ST Mary's Church. This report sponsored by Mattress firm It's the year end sale at Mattress firm for a limited time. Save up to $300 on top rated Mattress brands, plus get a free adjustable base with your 6 99 mattress purchase on Lee during the year and sale at Mattress firm. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Thank you, Kevin. Yeah, it's a sad send off. But a noble one for the sergeant in Norton, father of four. He lost his battle last week.

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