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Was a reminder that yeah there's this fucking card game that blizzard came up with the is still like the huge deal that a ton of people will still play it's pretty incredible all right why don't we bring on jan and demean highly out bringing alex of our during an of our and find out what the deal is with all that talk about dan record is a senior editor at giant bomb but he might be best known as what's the name of your wrestling character i it's just dirty dan reicher garrity dan reicher that's the main th you know an ally i have not officially worked in the new york territory at so that may just be stain on the west coast for now what do you mean you have to change your character when you moved knock could keep the character for sure there's no like actual legal things there i just don't have a promotion that i worked for out here so uh is only appeared on the west coast loop right now hold dan reichert is here welcome to the show dancing his observing thank you and welcome to the east coast he recently moved out here a few months ago few months ago welcome welcome i love it here it is a good and most importantly you're are getting married by taco bell which is the main reason that we brought you here today it's a it will be my legacy i hope is i think i may have peaked with this so let me let me just ask as someone who knows the jason mentioned something about taco bell on your wedding but i'm actually a little bit of the loop on this i would imagine that is a fair bet that there may be a few listeners who also are so dan could you may be explain to us what it means that you're getting married by taco bell.

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