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That you're only fast. As your slowest person. And so the military does a great job that teaching people how to shoot, move and communicate together as a team, and then you go to combat you fight bleeding, die together. And you come to rely on each other so much that the fear of letting You know, your brother or sisters down in combat trumps everything, even death. And so that's why we had these guys in combat. Like at a guy from Haiti. It makes ST Jean He got shot in the head. Two days later, he was back on the battlefield wrapped up like a mummy, and I asked him Why is that? Well, because you guys were going out there. I can't let you go out there. I can't let you down, and I think it's that I think it's when you're willing to love somebody and care about somebody. And that feeling is more important than death. I mean, that that zit tell you something, right? Love of a brother, Sean Parnell, everybody, Sean. Thank you so much for coming on today and sharing that it really helps people to get a perspective on things. Thank you. My brother simplified. All right. Simplified, Jesse, take care. He's right about how close you get. It is amazing, but I mean, it's also the time you spent together and the time you spend together in misery, absolute misery that there is nothing else You know, there's no escape. It's us here. It's sucks. You don't have any other choice and it does it. It drives it home for you. And it is He brought up No. How young they are. That part is always bothered me. That I understand. That's the history of the world, right? That's the that's the history of the world is young men. 17 18 1920 year old men going off fighting and dying for their country. That's the history where I understand that completely. What? What we have here is not unique. But it's also I've always thought it was tragic. Maybe that look, honestly, Maybe part of that is because I I have such a blessed life. You know, You got family pick up truck, even though it has a busted sun roof. Did I get food? Things like that? And you think about the fact they'll never have those things that gave up so many years. So many the that part of it has always been sad for me, but Important. We honor him, isn't it? So it Zob Vesely this I've said it several times. It's been a heavy your day than normal today. It's going to be like that throughout most of the day. You know, we prefer light and fun and funny. We'll get back to that every other day of the year. Today, we honor the heroes. Not done yet. Hang up your gear can cost you your life. Or your gear can save your life. That's just the truth of it. And Look, dear. It doesn't just apply to people in the military. It doesn't just apply to those super ninjas soldiers we have on the show that drop out of planes overseas. Do you carry a weapon? You carry concealed. You know that holster on your hip, You know it..

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