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At exciting changing it is career i i would love to see kevin feige uh run uh lucasfilm and marble but i mean lucasfilm star wars uh but i i don't think capping kennedy's the blame i think uh this could have happened to anybody of her stature what do you think each day i'm a guy for pop here for a second and fall about athena's we have a woman like kathleen kennedy in power behind the scenes people start singling her out as the cause for all the mass that's going on at luke's filming at disney and i don't think that is the single 'cause i think you know nfl hero as as problematic replacing her with given a a white male talking about that but i do think like you said catherine county is part of the old guard of hollywood and that's the way that she works in that she knows how to work and um lucasfilm and disney were trying out the this sort of the marvel strategy of plucking these indy directors out of obscurity after they had won successful hit or one or two successful hits and putting them at the helm of our own really big blockbusters that they haven't had experience making before and sometimes it turns out well and sometimes doesn't turn out well you have uh for example um fantastic four by a judge train which tanked josh strength have and but you have a success stories like um.

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