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Like a little one was like a almost like a short trailer for a movie hold on the white house i agree i know that like stood out with there was one about the situation out in in like the palm desert area the dead sea would not the did see we are like the horrible environmental shit that's going on over there with all the dead fish i recognize it because one time we were out there and peter's like let's surface place out and was disgusting and then i was like yeah remember when we went on vacation and they just in jack better of how gross it was like so that was was if you would like to if there was just thought do animated why there was an animal there was this a couple of weird things and i'm like oh my god like how long is or what are we gonna get to that and we to the dogs which is horrible like with our show horrible but really important n a and a really great thing that they've done so it is that i was so glad to see a because i was like i had had i not been the kind of put in that situation to watch it i really wouldn't have been aware and there's so many people that aren't aware what's going on over there yeah so that's super impressive that that's well i just want to say i don't they're gonna show any of that coming up but my friend sat down before me and she sat down and you then you guys all sat down and then i sat behind you guys so i just want the viewers to know that if i am featured in the movie i was not trying to leg whereas waldo it at sick beheaded really extra really yeah it was but i was thrilled i was so thrilled i was like holy shit.

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