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Time you can chase Corinne and chase Zion. If you allow management and Luke Walton to play all not just the kids because the kids have checked out like lonzo's just checked out for the year. He didn't wanna play for Luke Walton. And it sounds like Brandon Ingram is checking out kouzmines hurt right now. So now you start on's okay long. I said Lonzo he's he's out. Oh, Okay. okay. He's gone. So the point is play Alex crew. So at the point play mo- Wagner play Bongo play John Williams. I know I know. Ron play his thirty two minutes and night. Whatever you want him to play somewhere in there and score his twenty seven point because I keep telling you he can roll out of bed and score twenty seven. So you light recruits you see the argument they make they say LeBron. It's me. Yeah. Yeah. Alon credited bra skip Bayless and a lot of Michael Jordan apologists. They LeBron knowledge. Just he's hilarious. Maybe you don't have power jobs for the greatest. Say that LeBron does not have the killer instinct and Michael Jordan. Hey. Now, see I told you he ain't the competitive, they aren't you? Remember Kobe would Kelly may not side that why never said you remember joined broke his foot the I fifty five sixty game. And if teeth and Jerry Krause, Jerry Reinsdorf, they no you can't play here on your..

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