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That night to see audience members throwing up they probably ticket took it personally if i know most performers yes in fact i believe somebody threw up on dave thomas's shoes and he still came back for more i still reminds me of that let's listen to another clip from the show okay good date welcome to the great white north go okay good day while the great white north on bob mackenzie this my brother doug how's it going oh did you hear about what well you can tell okay here about the guy who like was over the beer and like went drink and then to the stupid thing looking in the bottle and well there's real real mouse i guess it was dead right drown and drunk to die head a smile on its face it died food drunk driving in the bond but you know what the guy got tell him a whole case of beer right so our topic today is how to stuff amounts into a beer bottle without without breaking it right so that they will look at it and give you a case and not thinking you hosting by by deliberately stuffing one any it's like ship building in a bottle okay you mentioned dave thomas that was dave thomas and rick moranis playing the infamous bob and doug mckenzie on setv i recently learned to to my surprise that those two characters came about as kind of a time crunched response to a demand for more ken kahn the network.

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