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Now this is. I don't mean this at all mean way. It's just something that came to mind. Okay and i don't know how people would go about doing this <hes> to be natural about it <hes> having <hes> like paint and pottering close. I think people would start working just not but i feel like people would start like buying shirt and putting main spots on it in that way so they can mimic your hair your luck i look and then buckle that's they must be fan of chloe's leaving just having on their legs and stuff yeah yeah 'cause. I like instead of tattoos and stuff. People would just put pain paint stuff when they go out. That's that's pretty good. I think that'd be one for sure. <hes> won't be another good one. I mean what do you think is there one. That immediately comes customized for you. You think people would just naturally mimic. They hit amazon sure i i think i think years in many ways and i think for the better is you'd have more of a persuasive kind of social social impact where people thank you. She hates amazon and what's another thing you don't like. I don't like wes anderson. You know his mother now but i think i think yours in many ways for the better would be more of an societal impact act out your henry. You'd be one of the influencers the top hundred i get taylor swift out of there. It's putting out thanks henry henry. We yeah that'd be fun. Take you with me. It'd be a great pair albion. Yeah i can be like in the background of the pictures. The maybe people take it what you say the where my beanie while they're doing yes exactly they can have like <hes> you know pins pins like with the the circle and the you know the like no factory farming low pin on jumping. I can make a pretty penny if i if i had become famous and made my own line of beanies yeah and then i would have social justice pins that you can put on beanies and then the money will go to those cover like crock. People put those little things on their crack yeah. It'd be like that. Wow it's all coming together if if filibuster sororities if we ever become famous that's we should yeah. We're funny. <hes> were sm- nice. That's what i think. We're smart aren't so we kind we is. I don't know the rest of that small smart important we as import. I think we have at least two of the three or perhaps that most two of three yeah so yeah. I think as braid us on i tune please do and i think people have been so you know diamonds. We did a lot last larry. As though everyone i talked to was like go ahead. They just like you having been confiscated voice in a slightly uncomfortable way for us. <hes> uh-huh issue is right next to us here. You sleepy on my phone. Just kidding <hes> yeah. I think there would be some fun a potential influences that we have just naturally if we became famous but we'll we'll see one day you can never ever you can't ever predict it. What people are going to latch onto so we have to yeah. It'll get there megan. We'll get there one. Wonder oh wow <hes> okay. This one's cute thing dirty. Read this one no i didn't i just have the name vincent van goth name we may. I may have read that one at the end though no way greatest film podcast on earth. If you asked me you didn't always into awesome wacky and thoughtful discussions on movies never fails choline henry especially seem to really care for one another and so that affections slash chemistry really comes through when it's just the two of them and they're cool friend generally quite solid as well but it's hard to beat henry and chloe trust me. The show is very smart but also sup- does give us there but also stupid also super-duper fund stupid giving give it a listen..

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