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They were showing pictures of the field. Now, I don't know if those are from today or from yesterday or from weeks ago, all I can tell you is they showed a video last night. Advertising the game for next Monday on last night's Monday night game. And I remarked as soon as I saw the field. There's no way you can play on that. And then they were showing I don't know if you know if you was that from today. I mean that field whatever they was showing again, I don't know the exact date of what they were showing used backfield's here. I mean, it looks like something kind of new because they were trying to apply Saad looked horrible. But my question to you is I don't know if you've ever if you ever played on that in on that surface on a pad field. We'll know not on the bad field per se. But then how do you how do the raiders who have the half and half field? How is that acceptable? The dirt dirt. I mean. But that's what that looked like. No. But that's like the turf the grass was Dirk. It looked like they were just trying to put Saad over. It's not ideal for an as as trae mentioned look when we would play at the vet before Lincoln financial field was built they would take astroturf and put it over the basis not the actual. Cutler is I mean, obviously, they take the base often. They would put it in storage. But they would put astroturf over it. There was at least an inch and a half raise the in the end zone in one of the areas. There was an inch and a half drop off. It was the most physically. Dangerous place, you could right. It was like playing in the parking lot. And and unfortunately, I was on the field. When Wendell Dave is planted his feet one up to try to make a pass or can't travel in both of his patellar tendons shredded right, right? Say both. Yes. That's never happened in a football game think Peter wrote and his com- was that the Rams were going to Colorado to try to simulate the altitude of Mexico City to practice that we Kansas City did research. They were fine. Staying there. Andrew Sicilia who does the preseason for the Rams and worked for the NFL network. Just tweeted the Rams plan to stay in Colorado until the weekend team arrived last night. Not no need to turn around to come back media. They're they're practicing for a home game. Now in Colorado. I mean. It's not one hundred percent shocked. I grew with Peter to with regard to getting back to Cody parking. Now, obviously, yo extreme situations may change things. I I don't think I mean, this is a team that has shown you that their decisions if they make a bold move some would call it. A silly move to give a kick or nine million dollars guaranteed. I don't think they're going to turn and run from this as quickly as everybody thinks that I may be in the minority there. And I I just unfortunately, some decisions are attached to the financial consequences of them. So I mean it it's a shame. I don't know if this doesn't work out this year, you've got dead money on your cap for a kick. Or are you going to have to go and get another kicker, which then may keep you from being able even if the cap goes up to retake look Bryce Callahan's has been good a corner nickel cornerback is there's been an a league. I mean, I don't know that you keep him next year. He's gonna get paid. You know, he may have been gone anyway. Money for four. Yes. Sure. I mean, let's see goes to for three or one for two. I think they're going to because of the financial commitment. They've made they're going to be less likely. But if you call the damn if they lose twenty three twenty and he missed his two kicks. I still don't think they make. Yeah. I don't know what's worth keeping an eye on is the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Bryant's has been nursing an injury and start five straight is started practicing though last week. He was kicking on Thursday and Friday. There was a chance he was going to be reactivated. They currently have Giorgio tobacco. He kicked for the raiders last year. He's been kicking well for the falcons in place of Matt Brian Waddell, you just keep saying, you know, you've you've been mentioning well who is the replacement? Here's an actual kicker whose Ben the league for a year, and has a pretty solid leg just worth keeping an eye on or or they may not be willing to take a chance. They met Brian at his age and with his injury history that you activate him and get. Rid of this other guy. And then next thing, you know, three kicks in he's back to where he was. So I just saved Bryant was kicking Thursday and Friday last week in Dan, Quinn was talking about how he was hopeful that he would kick. So the guys that I like, I've always made this known are the guys who are young who were good in college. And just didn't get to a roster spot. Because other teams aren't sure yet Robbie gold was in camp with New England. Do you remember that Vinnie Terry? Was there kicker Jerry Angelo enough scouting where they knew this kid gold from Penn State was going to be good. We told you the stories last year about Butger in Elliott. Both of those teams were on teams practice squads. I believe they win camp with like Carolina and another team. And then they both got signed by the eagles in Kansas City. I want that young guy who you could finally just who needs that with you. George aren't they? They're going to trade up to get your guy. Giorgio Vecchio last year Jeff in sixteen games, which was sixteen of twenty one. He hit seventy six percent of his kicks in an environment. That I believe is much kinder to a kicker then Soldier Field. He was five of seven from thirty to thirty nine three of five from forty to forty nine and three or four from fifty. Plus, and he missed an extra point. I don't know if Giorgio too Vecchio numbers would actually be a guy that you would. I'm just throwing out a name is somebody to keep an eye on. This is a Disney movie in the making this is where they go overseas. They find some guy out of the EP L or whatever they bring him over. And then you you've got your Disney movies. Got your. Are you gonna get some grizzled veteran on Matthew mcconaughey compla- later on? This is the Disney movie we are writing it right now. Three one two three three two three seven seven six last. Call right now for would you rather send them to us via Twitter, waddling out Waddell and Soviet t widely your best either or question, I offered one fruit for thought would you rather trust Tyler chat would or Cody parkey for accuracy. I'm gonna I'm gonna take Cody parkey you're gonna go to park. Yeah. I think the his make ratio is better than Tyler chat would strike ratio. Tired chat with his worst problem with walks. Barky does with MRs so your best either or.

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