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Tweet about it put has Texaco six a look at my viewers listeners do and I'm I mean I'm gonna tweet about it I I I bet the president I'm gonna get a lot of times and all include him in my tweet I don't think that's going to get to him but what else can we do if anything well you can follow me on Twitter at viva del and you can also follow us at three six oh six the number six okay we constantly post updates on there on my profile we also have a website for our father were it kind of gives you the countdown gives you a bio I usually will post about what we need that week we need that day Instagram as well Facebook whatever you want we're on social media practically what we need is for people anybody that is willing to help reach out to us give us your information you know we want for any governments that are listening out there U. S. Venezuela Xcerra if you think you can help us this is a man's life these are six men that are completely innocent and yeah write your congressman call them the pressure we need our data come home we need president trump to know about this case and to help reunite it's been too long I hope it happens sooner than later and I'm really sorry about what you're going through it is a product of a del Webb bin and her dad to mail way detailed Adele is being held in Venezuela along with five other innocent man as you say and and certainly you know being held with no trial with no drug due due course at all justice is not being served at least do something and then let us know what it is you're holding them about or what it is that you're charging them with or what it is that the in game can be hopefully somebody from from the department's staking involved as well Veronica thanks a million let's do it again okay sure thank you so much all right we're back after this on the Joe pags show star writer zero five zero first terrible because you deserve the truth you and.

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