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You're gonna make it this time ivan drago whatever she fucks she destroys if he dies i defeat champion he dies he dies fucker afterwards he was like shoo i could change well becky that is a very unfortunate story you know thanks for sharing that's this wish that we should serve featuring interesting stories once in a while from the internet because they have a lot to say what equipment use your virginity to luke just longer a bike with the basket on the front and fucking oven mitts on the handlebars keep your head new close virginia vespas helmet thanks a lens cap gentlemen gotta talk about another one of our great sponsors which is blue six love blue i'm gonna tell you right now j you use them currently you've been using them on air for years so this isn't even a bs like oh you gotta use it this is real deal you can speak from your personal experience vaping has become so popular right now there's no ash there's no odor really is no brainer where do you think jay's funny comes from louie's i'll tell you something very honestly to i did go back to smoking after after i switched from blue to another brand and then very shortly after did go back to smoking cigarettes but i've been off the now with what saying that it was that other brand that made you the bridge to smoking cigarettes but blue anecdotal evidence not blue when i when i came back i went back to the blue of course you did antastic gives i'm not gonna tell you blew concur cancer but it's how i be.

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