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My family's Valance in the morning. We're watching the stolen U Haul pursuit That's on the 91 westbound before Bellflower right now, the truck is now on fire. Because the Spike strip we have much people texting. They saw the truck hit the Spike Strip. The wheels are all gone. It's on fire on the right, Pastor said. Will he still traveling fast? This is obviously not a very dangerous situation. Police air back significantly so they don't get hurt. And the roads like they might have been cleared to the exit. Is he often this side over there? Part of KT? L A for a second here turned that money coming up with the bottom of the off ramp here shortly here, That's gonna be Bellflower Boulevard. Let's see what? Yes, we exit the freeway Bellflower Boulevard. Try to negotiate now. Surface streets with no tires. Ah, huge U Haul truck in a trailer behind it Now on Bellflower Boulevard. We did get attacks. Somebody said I passed that on the 91. He was going so right because the Spike Strip pop the front tire, So people are seeing this firsthand. Yes, he was riding the rims a ton of smoke behind this truck. And it looks like to me like the fire is getting into the engine department. Oh, my God! Oh, my gosh. Oh, he's got to get out of the vehicle. He's getting out. He's getting out. He's making a run for it s Oh, that's a foot pursuit. The police will be on top of all the choppers in there. No, it's an eye hall. Oh, he's got some bags. You chuck the bag over the fence. He hopped the fence. He lost his. She's putting the shoe back on. Pan started fall office banter back on. He's got the bag. Take your Amanpour's What did that guy just say? No, if you really fall. Is he okay? Yeah. You give something a shoes in his pants. I've been there with the pants when you try and jump some defensive ball. That's that's dangerous. He's actually hot in the wall into what could be a residential area of apartment complexes. He's in there now. Yeah, the vehicle stopped. So now is in between buildings and don't see officers on the other side. We're watching now on KT l A watching the sky five reporting south of your pretty dope When I was with the follow up to these things once they're over. Why you hall? Where did you get it? Right. Where was he going? Right. They never do press conferences like that. I guess. Hopefully this ends peacefully. They take the gentleman in the custody and stuff. I'm hoping that'll be the case. But all the helicopters start to pull out wide a bit, too. When the officers start getting closer, obviously, for Obvious reasons for Yeah, man. That thing was on fire. What happened was the flames just sort of ripping through the right hand side of the passenger compartment and into the engine block, then filled the entire compartment. Thick black smoke. The guy in the U haul, had no choice but to get out of the U haul, and he bailed on foot and hopped a couple fences. He's into what could be an apartment complex area to solve a Bellflower Boulevard right now on, there's there's looks like, Yeah, apartments there and stuff. Helicopter guys lost him. He can't find him now, but they'll just start doing door to door searches. If he gets into these buildings there and stuff, So obviously if you in that area stand in the area, listen to the incredible play by play on one of 43, my FM known for following the U haul pursuits. We'll check back in a second. We gotta do first sip, But now we're kind of backed up in time. I had a really good first sip What he say, Joe. Just the U haul. You just totally engulfed in flames. Yeah. Fire department called for that. So I was going to do first sip here, but we're backed up in time and I had a special first sip. I guess I'll save it for tomorrow. Just make sure you tune in this time tomorrow but earlier that forgiveness and how important.

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