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So our guest today has what you would call a lot of multi hyphen. It's an after a comedian. A writer and podcast or who's lucky enough not to be american. You know him from ted lasso. Please welcome afc. Richmond's own roy. Kent brett goldstein. Our thank you for having me. Thank you for being here. I have been a headless. Oh fan i was about to say since season one but only one is dropped so far But i take it you know. I think i watched it all. After new year's eve i needed to do hungover. Wash it all come down. I was definitely. It was and now i'm excited to blow through season two as well. So you're going to get absolutely hammered before he watch it. What's the second season as well. Probably you know so. I can have the same sort of fat sort of curing hangover. You like to make it hard for us As in the west situation okay well it does feel like that's like ninety percent of tv now is like whenever you're in the mood to just give up your entire life to a series for like one and a quarter days like that's how you take it in now is crazy. It is i'd have to. I'd have time to watch when people say if you watched this thing when you have to have news side needs data's anytime you feel about podcast to i guess people drive to work for six hours a day. That's why people where people tell us they listen to ours like chunks in a row they save up episodes and listen to them all at once. I have no idea how But i'm glad they do. I thought you say it makes me no respect them..

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