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YouTube. It's the dick dick, dick. Just just open up your mic on your Google Google. Search ask Alexis Alexis play, the did it son, Hugh. That's right. It is the Brentwood oval show. Good to be here excited to be here. We got a big show plan, and I hope it. I hope it's executed in the way we've planned to John. I don't know anything can happen. Literally did the president speak at down in Louisiana. I don't even know he was going to speak earlier get some of them sound bites here. Here's the thing. I want to know, and it's a very serious question. Because as I was saying with Mike here in the crosstalk segment just before the show began. What is the threshold for going to war with Iran? Now, we've been act this war on terror thing for coming up on eighteen years. It's been seventeen years since we were attacked coming up on the eighteenth year. Right eighteen because it's twenty nine thousand nine minus one eighteen years in September. And I'm old enough to remember, and I know many in this audience are old enough to remember the. The problems we had with the Iranians with the deposition not not a legal proceeding. But the deposing of the Shah of Iran and the AIA tola Khameini Komeini coming in to take over. And we remember what? Iran did through the nineteen late nineteen seventies into the nineteen eighties. Taken our hostages attacking us of murders. On the Achille, Laura TWA, eight forty seven Khobar Towers bombing marine barracks. Bombing in one thousand nine hundred three the embassy bombings that took place in Beirut. We remember all the stuff that has happened at the hands of Hezbollah and Islam jihad, and HAMAs all Iran controlled organizations. And I remember that horrible feeling when they took our hostages hostage on November. The fourth nineteen Seventy-nine we're coming up on the fortieth anniversary for forty years. These dirtbags have been afflicting us as a country now. We're starting to get real tense with them. They're starting to have big internal pressures inside their country. They're getting hyper inflation and foods, not really showing up on the shells shelves. And there's a lot of tension there between ethnic groups inside the Islamic Republic of Iran, but come on we lived through. The the war to free Afghantistan from Taliban control, originally, we were going in there to hunt down Osama bin Laden, it ended up becoming a pitched battle a lengthy war that seemingly had no end in Afghanistan. And we're still there now trying to sort of simultaneously attack kill and rebuild the country. I mean that was essentially what the mission became Iraq. We all know that song. We all know what happened in Iraq. We're all familiar with what happened in Iraq. So now we start to see these these reports bubbling out all the straits Hormuz. Some ships may have come under attack by Iranian forces. We don't know it's cloudy. It's if it's confusing. We just don't know. And then this morning, you know, there's this report all the White House is working on one hundred and twenty thousand strong military strike plan on Iran that the president came out, by the way and said today was fake news. He said this fake news is is not happening and obey the way that ain't even the right number right go, I think it's fake. Okay. Now what I do that. Absolutely. But we.

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