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I am a bit of a list maker over that's brilliant and do you you sit down and regular meetings with everybody the only one I am super organized and I. Think if you if you have your life jam packed with so many things I for May It's the way can I can do is if I can be that organized And yeah, I guess you know Peop- you know I'm a team player anyway. So you know and I'm very, very lucky to the people I do work could just great. And we're all like minded and I think that's the important thing I think if you the people around, you know you need to be share the same values and work in the same way and I think that that helps them work. So it does work for me. So do you find that way that you handle your working in the way that you handle stuff in the home is actually quite similar in terms of approach it is really two different. Hats I is my husband's constantly remarked right that you bring your work home don't write, but he's just to be honest. He's just got used to me being super organized. Yeah and if you need to get things done you, you mom thought he'd be life with pre pre baby. You look at the kind of mother you are and the yet that's that's pretty much I thought it'd be no I. Think Life is so different when you have a child child and I. Just I'm definitely more emotional more planted. Am I. Think you you don't think you ever know what you're going to be like no I. Think you're right I actually although I, say that I think I thought I was going to be a bit stricter. Actually, I'm a lot more. Relaxed about things. Yeah. Which I think is I think it does me but I think maybe because there's do you find your husband is therefore more strict. He's quite reliable. I don't mean we're not is definitely boundaries I think that's pretty essential and kids really actually crave the I. Think if I, if they didn't have that and there's there's lots of continuity, there's lots of safe predictability in well and I really care about that. But I, think it's more just when things go wrong key or how I handle it. If I feel that their behavior isn't why wants or they're not doing the things I feel they should do I, think I'm. I think I'm better at sort of trying to find a different way because being strict actually doesn't work for every kid anyway I don't think some children really respond if you get quiet had tea tree but for the kids then. Definitely, like my. First, one I think responded better if I start getting a bit stern that would really upset me hated to see me cross Assad. So he would immediately shift is behavioral next one came and he would just argue back so..

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