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Means that a Clark sitting by and she just I don't know how she plays the drums and all the other music at the same time but she manages to and still keep track of traffic to give it to us first with weather together calendar free sure town on loan from god I you want to back this afternoon though as far as the roadways are concerned we've been really great as far as accidents accident free no delays so I've just been talking about construction the last few hours and that's a good thing to get the roads fix six ninety six east from between two queen during ninety four construction has a leveling closed until four PM today Hines drive both directions between Ann Arbor trail and outer Dr crews are working on the light test displays at bike through the lights that happens tonight at seven PM the Wayne County like defense finally opens to the public tomorrow evening at seven now W. tear whether first from the weather channel I feel gonna get tough to get out of the mostly cloudy skies and into the afternoon but I think partial cloud sunshine at some point before sunset about forty five so we'll get some sun and tonight the clouds come back in thirty six on the south breeze tomorrow see some showers a morning with rain in the afternoon windy and a high of fifty sunshine returns Friday highs low forties the weather channel I mean here I'll just research guns dot seven sixty W. jail this holiday season give the gift of the truck not only is made in the Troy the official merchandise or of the Detroit Lions radio network it's also the perfect gift for all you need your loving friends and family made in the drive is more than a brain it's a symbol and not to the hard working men and women who made this state great whether it's cars art music or muscle made in the throat is Florida flagon featured form all over the world head on over to me the joy dot com today and take advantage of their huge holiday sale made in Detroit a kid rock brand your car donations of made charity motors Michigan's largest car donation program giving away over one hundred million dollars only charity motors guarantees your full fair market value tax deduction and the charity of your choice receiving the proceeds from the sale of your car and all low income buyers pay only half price for their car fifty thousand families have cars thanks to you if you are driven to make a difference donate your car to charity motors today called triple eight nine await cars for visit charity motors dot org holiday tips and fun facts from Paul Kristen indexer total anymore there are some Conservatorium are bubbles are ridiculous selection of champagne and sparkling wines will make the holidays.

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