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I was telling your screen air I said, okay, you know, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, and in college, it was like, you know, we didn't even talk about this kind of stuff. And now we've got this going and we're talking. Haven't been listening to you guys. Talk about this. When does the high school superstars? Gosh, start getting agents and wanting to sell their image and put their image out there and start making a million bucks before they even get to college. And then now they got a negotiating tool. I want to go to this college if you give me a better deal, because I'm bringing my face and like this your college therefore I'm gonna get more boosters that are better way. Where does it end? Great question. Lyle and I mentioned earlier that high school people are already starting to recruit followers for this exact reason I've seen yesterday there was a basketball player who has not played a game yet. He's a four or five star commit who's already going somewhere, But he he has he started pimping is I'm available for business opportunities. And he is not in college. My God, and yeah, I mean, you're queen yours If you're quitting years of Southlake Carroll Right. You should start it right now. Because you're going to be the hottest quarterback when he goes to Ohio State Unless Steve Sarkeesian convince him to come here. The kid from California coming to Texas Y Murphy, Why not start now? Uh, now I think it's the reverse. Lyle. What You said there that you know, the kid is going to hold his twitter fatherhood. You know his social following doubt that to the university, I think the university is going to say Hey, come here, and we're going to be able to create this many more opportunities for you. Even though the N C double a says, Do not allow it to become a recruiting inducement. L O. L hasn't haven't already seen something from the university saying, like Look at our Social media account. Like because they dominate the big 12 and maybe all of college sports, to be honest with you. So I I saw that on on on the different sports. This is how many followers for baseball, so I mean, yeah. Isn't Are they doing it right there? Yeah, they I mean, how can you not do it The whole thing? Well, I requested CDC to come on today Chris Pawlowski or Chris to come on, but it's Fourth of July weekend, so hopefully you know what they're doing out, so they're celebrating a director's Cup. They are that's what they're doing As you're a true Longhorn fan. That's what everyone should have seen CBC's comments on this before and we've had him on the radio before, And so I look, He's welcome all the time. But I do not expect any Insight, candor, honest reporting of his perspective on the situation. It is. It's been honest, It's great for the University of Texas. We've set up the leverage program. We are at the forefront. We're the number one in the nation at a Yeah, Yeah, it is a sea change. So my Lord, is it a sea change where we see See the tweets yesterday? The offensive lineman. Hey, Lunch Bunch what They call it the big what they call the Big Garden brunch with the bigs brunch with the big big good for them. Surely somebody's got to be thinking out of the Box and I'm telling you, it's not just going to be these when we first started talking about this because you know, you really got to let your mind expand to really take this in a tech company that maybe doesn't have anything to do with Austin or Tennessee. Percy million two million bucks a million bucks. So you just don't know where it might come from its? It is all like your status. How many followers you have, or have you done is going to make a killing out there. The less you, Jim, this? Yeah, well and to you know, Lyles point about high school kids, brawny James. LeBron Jr. Ronnie James deal. He's got something million followers on Instagram already. Now look, that kid's already filthy rich. She doesn't need it. But yeah, Canada kind of high school sophomore like Brawny James start signing up deals. Probably so right. I mean, this is fair, and that's the bottom line, right? Texas isn't running for that. Manning kid to come to Texas Arch Manning Arch Manning. Give him the four seasons. Boom. Give him before, like the actual Yeah, the building. Yeah, It's yours for your commitment. Uh, speaking of free lodging. Reggie Bush has received an answer from the Heisman Trust. When we did the story yesterday, the Heisman people wouldn't even return his phone calls giving it back. They say they will give his Vince they will give his Heisman Trophy back if the N C double a reinstates his 2000 and five season Quote Bush's 2005 season records remain vacated by the N C. Double A and as a result under the rules set forth by the Heisman Trust and stated on the Heisman ballot, he is not eligible to be awarded the 2005 Heisman Memorial Trophy should the reinstate Bush's 2005 status. The Heisman Trophy trust looks forward to welcoming, welcoming him him back to the highest quick, ignorant question. Is this all coming about Because of this? And yes, it is the thing. Yes, it is. I guess I go back in time and say all those past indiscretions. We're now that we're doing this All I did when I was at USC they're allowing now, but that's the thing J Bill tweeted about this yesterday, saying Now that you acknowledge these guys are professionals has him. You get a season back and we give Reggie his Heisman back. What? What Reggie did He accepted a free house would be illegal today. Okay? Yeah. If if you do it today, they'll take away your husband again. But what s m you did with the help of former Governor Bill Clements? No relation to me. It it they shouldn't out there. Revoked the death penalty revoke. Bring.

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