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Mitch McConnell, is urging President Biden do not let Democrats hold a bipartisan infrastructure deal hostage. This after the president backtrack from a veto threat he issued last week. Right after saying he agreed with the plan, GOP Senator John Barrasso tells Fox this bipartisan bill itself is not yet completely settled. There are a number of Republicans and I'm one of them who is not completely sold on it. Republicans also opposed the so called human infrastructure Plan for childcare. Another The programs that Democrats plan to approve in tandem with that other bill using a process Republicans cannot block in the Senate Vice President Harris finally going to the border last week, like Republicans demanded the minute migrant surge. Not stopping their criticism after she had blamed Trump era policy for leading to the immigration problems, accusing Vice President Kamala Harris of not caring about the border. Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott is criticizing the trip. Saying she didn't talk to Texans whose homes have been invaded and his property has been destroyed by gangs and cartels. GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn tells Fox he should have gone over into Arizona, where the Sinaloa cartel is passing all of those drugs across the border all that fentanyl During the visit, the vice president said. Part of the root causes of mass migration is human suffering is Central America. At the White House. Rachel Sutherland Fox News. There has been a covid spike, prompting new lockdowns and restrictions in South Africa and Australia. We must day lockdown while we keep this virus trapped. That's Michael Gunner, chief minister of the Northern Territory State as Australia's Covid vaccine rollout remains slow. But here in the U. S. Nearly 57% of American adults are now fully vaccinated on Wall Street. The Dow's down 140 points, but the NASDAQ is up. 90 hitting another record high today in the S and P. 500 is also up slightly to a new high. I'm Dave Anthony. This is Fox News to remind pet owners that progressive covers pets in our auto policy. At no extra charge. We decided to make a really cute pet themed radio commercial. Can you hear that puppy? If you could see this, you would melt. I mean, just the softest firm. Wait. He's trying to open this box now. Oh, boxes filled with kittens..

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