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That's fantastic. Thanks there any way that we can. Can i help anything i can do. Other than just buying your cereal and eaten cinnamon basketballs and stuff like that zero buyer for your whole staff is really trust me. Why i'd like that it's days crispy it's free crispy in milk. I mean that's a crucial. That's a crucial. Parliament frosted flakes is already the best era. But now this is the bestest. Cereal everest got cereal everest. I love it. I love it okay. Well then i'm. I'm thrilled to hear that. You're good man shaquille o'neal your good man. I'm glad you're let's. Let's do this more often. brother nor gotcha. I will hit you. will hit you as conditions warrant for sure my my wife sends her bust. You take care yourself. She killing him. Oh would you like to make a super bowl better on. Watch on just put through it. Whoever you got down. I i those of making mega to superbug. That is a large amount of money there so much versus your one dollars at the dallas cowboys are making the super bowl. Yes oh my gosh okay. Well place that aside that is as you know this is just this is just you know me talking. Here is a national football league employee. I i don't understand what you're asking me or anything like that. You understand what i'm saying wrote for just for my friends just for you know what's watson giggles. Keep that aside and when off the air we can chit chat a little bit. I i'm taking brady. I'm going brady. Listen i love brady i love those wall. So that's what i'm gonna do. I'm stick with that. And you and i will talk soon. Shaquille o'neal birth to a brother right here on the rich eisen show so two things two things one ten grand was that what he was fashion. Either five five five five or ten. Was this there was. This might be ten When you're interviewing somebody goes got expect the unexpected. I didn't expect that that also he just had that lying around you guys. Don't you money. That man has of course he has his house down the show. I.

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