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Welcome back latisha ice. Even thank you. Thank you and also we have ana. Maria sayer producer for latino. Hi ana maria. Hey how's it going. It's going well. I'm so glad you guys are both year. So billy island has kept busy since the release of her first album. She's put out a handful of standing singles including everything. I wanted which one record of the year at this year's grammy awards her james bond theme no time to die won a grammy and is likely to figure into next year's oscars race assuming it ever comes out now. She is back with a new album called happier than ever. These songs are entirely homemade. They are written and performed and recorded by just two people that it'd be billy irish and her brother phineas o'connell who's a producer and multi instrumentalist and engineer not to mention a singer songwriter in his own right. The two of them made happier than ever. During the pandemic. it's existence was basically made possible by the fact that they couldn't tour and it feels appropriately. Interior this is a headphone record. That touches on heartbreak and self acceptance and societies treatment of women the perils fame sonically and thematically. It feels to me like a departure from the album. That made billy alicia star. That album delved really deeply into anxiety. And coming of age this one grapples more with fame and bad relationships as seen with the benefit of perspective speaking of the benefit of perspective..

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