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Hood and gentlemen official from Mike Florio. Pro football focus. The Bears will visit the Rams to cap the first Sunday of the league's 1st 17 Games season on NBC. The team we care most about there you go. Official s and Also boys. He's reporting that the season will begin with Cowboys at Buccaneers Thursday night Football. So good in temple, right? And you are correct in Tampa, Correct. And then Monday night football. It's going to be the Ravens in Las Vegas against the Raiders. Now that first games at those a night game that is on Amazon. Or NBC. I believe it's Amazon, and then you have to give it local clearance in each of the two markets. Right? That's gonna be tough for some people on PA Kettle. If they're not in Vegas or Baltimore are really in trouble. The Cowboys Bucks will be NBC, NBC announced that Cowboys Bucks will launch their 1st 17 games late. Probably that good, So it's NBC. Good. All right. Okay, I'll give me some timeto get the wires together. That will be game number one of 272 NFL games this season most ever played in one year. Wow. That's awesome. I love our predictions on week one on May 12th and we also have confirmed idea Thanksgiving. They haven't put the time out yet, but the Bears will be playing at Thanksgiving, which I love that breaking news. Not yet it Zaluska report. It's a loose report airs it Lions. It's a loose report. Well, that's the first game. Is always the first game, so they will be. That's the 11 o'clock start. Yes, you get bloody Marys in the morning. Get your place in for the day and you start going and 80,000 people upset going home in Detroit. S So what? That's a tradition, the tradition that let's go to the game. We lost again. Scott of the game Thanksgiving, I'm ready. Lost again. Oh, no way lock again lost again. That is all that will be the early game then. OK, So here is the question. Let me be set this question and we'll get to calls. The question is like People hear what they want to hear. Just your Chicago cut. Gets a huge smattering of celebrities David Flom and Matt Moore. Do a great job at creating this awesome Chicago steakhouse experience inside and outside on the patio. There's one table available place is packed pandemics over place is packed. Which current Chicago athlete has enough swag that they are the one that gets that table already have my answer. You have yours? I do. My answer is Tim Anderson. My answer is Patrick Kane, and it's not even close it Z Tim Anderson. If you have the most swag in the city, he comes in there with a smile. You know, Joking around comes in there with his wife has a good time. They're gonna be like Yes. Take the table, sir. Right? Right right here. So I'm Anderson gets that That is the question with you, honey, because, you know, I hate to argue with you. Let's say the young man or woman, the hostess and Chicago cut that has to see Tim Anderson. You think when he walks in here she is going to know who he is, unless he says My name's Tim Anderson. Just looking at his face. I'm just wondering. Is he that big of a star that people recognized him? Anderson could they could they pick him out? Danny thinks that Khalil Mack would be far more recognizable walking it because he looks like a superhero. The size of him the mass of him. I don't know the guy that changed the game for Major league Baseball can't get a table in Chicago Cut but we're talking about how how many people really watch baseball pay attention, Baseball. Plus, listen, no disrespect. You know, this is the Southside Station. We love the White Sox here, but He's on the White Sox, and until this year, they weren't that relevant in conversations to be had about baseball. I'm just wondering if by appearance alone, you know, he walks in. They're gonna be like, Oh, my God. It's Tim Anderson. Like does he get that on the street? Right? And I don't think Patrick Kane. You said on the street. No, and I don't disagree with you. He just looks like a regular dude that could work in any accounting firm. And that's your Kate. Absolutely get. That's why I think Khalil Max that guy because he looks like it looks a superhero like the part that guy Danny and I were on the field of Bourbon name. Khalil walked right by us and we're both like Oh, God. And then Danny and I pre pandemic Got seats, first row with white socks. Brewers Spring training game in Peoria. We went there were in the first row. Rick Renteria was this close to the bumping Rick Renteria while he's managing a baseball. Yeah, he's a cat were fist bumping while the game's going out. And there are two guys in the on deck circle to Luis Robert and a lawyer Jimenez a day any went nuts, guys, They're bigger than Khalil Mack. It was scary How big and strong they were. So that's the question one open table, Chicago cut and every pro current athlete Chicago shows up. Man or woman. Who's getting the table from David Flom that is next to go cap and G Hood mornings on ESPN. 1000, Chicago's home.

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