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We just saw it lean over it was tower on near the cab and it just went and it looks like match sticks the people were jumping off people were falling off by Saturday evening six people were released from the hospital a man is dead after driving off road in western Colorado national money but investigators say the driver went off rim rock drive in Colorado national monument Friday morning dropping four hundred and fifty feet before coming to rest rescuers it needed five hours to reach the vehicle and found the driver dead in its side the cause of the crash was still being investigated it is a thirty six year on Colorado's morning news Belko credit in providing a listen renews the sour coming up a little money news and sports we'll get to that in five minutes right now checking checking again with John Moores another slow this morning on new problems nor about a check that south and I twenty five you've got a crash under Hamden under the hand of bridge two right lanes are blocked that's a really busy stretch of highway and you're backed up solid back into downtown the rest you drive this morning there was a crash or but I twenty five best castle pines that's out of your way car versus motorcycle downtown eleventh and Logan but even without the actions you're gonna find a very busy drive south out two to five heavy before Parker road Parker road is loaded up into the tech center so that drive on a wrap up lot of business all the cherry creek dam road this morning and of all the north side with the boulder turnpike running pretty heavy is your big get north of downtown and get into bold your real heavy from Brookfield through back as on into boulder two eighty seven is real busy this morning coming down through Broomfield and down for the boulder turnpike are your drive on to seventy and I. seventy six bulls still real heavy in the commerce city area I seventies re opened up in the high country it's an icy snowy drive up in the high country so watch yourself this morning and she loves to tracks laws opposed to starting Silverthorne westbound I. seventy was closed Orville.

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