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And they've been rumors about delon betances a being traded boy i would never trade delon vitesse dellenbaugh chances has it with it himself debris the best relief pitcher in baseball that's how great his two pitches are is his breaking ball i think is the best brighton ball i've seen and as fastballs ninety eight let's say a boy i would never trade dolan betances and so when you have let's say you had you bottom three at the end of the game let's say you had done chad green in the seventh and robertson and the eighth and obviously chavan and the night that would allow you to use betances like tito francona uses andrew miller were you can spotted men to stop the rally at that point a might be the most important to outs of the game and then you still have pitches i got him warren and tommy kaley and despite all the yankee power and pretty good starting pitching the most important thing for the yankees could very well be there their bullpen and is not going to be as easy as people they i mean there are going to hit a lot of home runs but it's a very tough division boston obviously very good and i think toronto when they begin the season when they finally make their moves will be very good and then we'll see about baltimore and and tampa about i think that um for the yankees have a great chance to have really a terrific year now i'm looking forward to our reentry fattah's looking forward to it and as far as the mets you know the i ran into i was at one of my daughter's concerts plays trumpet among other things should assist a man came out to me said well what next you're going get machado a so i don't think so he said think of me i'm a met span blah blah blah blah blah and i told them this i said the mets actually have a chance to hang in there there's one easy way they can hang in there and have a pretty good year and.

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