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So we're running out of time here in segment one Madden. And I know you've got a big event coming up at the university of Denver January twenty second and twenty four and kind of a special event, isn't it? Yeah. We're very excited at the paradigm grew to presenting. David Bach, who's nine time New York bestselling author who's one of the co founders of a wealth management smart, women, finish rich. It's off of that book. But what the work with the workshop is going to be is smart, women smart retirement. And really it's a focus on women because there's some good news. And there's not so good news. Right. And then if you think about it women have just different circumstances when it comes to planning and retirement, you know, obviously there you women live longer. There's more widows, and there are men who die I in the marriage. There's there's numerous things with divorce rates in that age group. Also, you know, a lot of women spend fifteen twenty five percent of their working years caring for people outside the workforce children, parents they often bear the financial burden of parent care. So these are some of the things that are different. And then if you think about it a lot of advisory firms, just simply focus on the man. Or the mail. You know, and and I think that this process of having this great workshop and really introducing some of the things that I think all women that that are thinking about retirement could benefit from this workshop it's coming up. A can't be more excited to be hosting it right here at the university of Denver. So to do that to sign up for smart, women, smart retirement, and it's all based on David box selling book, smart, women, finish rich, David Bach as as Matt said, the nine time New York Times bestselling author, but he is reintroducing his books. More women finish rich, which is where.

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