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Clear except for patchy low clouds and fog lows in the mid sixties. Tomorrow, Sonny except for patchy low clouds and fog in the morning eyes from the mid seventies to around 80 at the beach is to the upper eighties, the mid nineties inland right now, in downtown L. A. It's 87 degrees. The dialogue started here in the sixties, and the dialogue continues here now where Southern California comes to talk, 7 90 k ABC traffic It just doesn't feel like summer without an ice Cold Coca Cola in your hand, stopped by your local convenience store today and grab a 20 outs bottle of Coca Cola or Coca Cola zero sugar or pick up even more delicious refreshment with a 20 ounce bottle of diet Coke, Sprite or Fanta. So no matter how you soak in that summer sun at home or on the go grab an ice Cold Coca Cola today and enjoy ABC. Dependable Traffic Ontario, the 60 he's found a vineyard stole big rig in the Middle lane. Traffic completely stopped from mountain Studio City has slow traffic on the 101 South bound between Coldwater Canyon and the Hollywood Split. Hollywood is stopping. Go on the water, one South bound between Santa Monica

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