Kevin Harvick on Trump's Bubba Wallace tweet: 'A misinformed tweet is not going to change the unity and direction of our sport'


And NASCAR is biting back at President Trump after the president tweeted out of statement, wondering if Bubba Wallace had apologized to fellow drivers after What the president described as a hoax, The news found in Wallace's garage at Talladega fellow driver Kevin Harvick on ESPN radio. It doesn't the tweet doesn't change anything about I think, you know, there's there's definitely some mis informed information inside of that tweet that that that doesn't represent anything that's going on. Obviously, the TV ratings are Trump tweeted that NASCAR ratings have never been lower since Wallace, NASCAR's only black driver. Fast and received a ban on the Confederate flag being banned at NASCAR races as a point of order and to Kevin Harvick statement. Jean NASCAR television ratings have been up since the Confederate flag was banned for you know, just for what it's

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