What's Wrong With Arsenal?



We start in the premier league when the government were trying to get things back to normal with regards to football winning, and they said it would lift the morale of the nation. Nation not if you're an arsenal fan, another defeat today heads a discussion Juliana wrong. Frank leboeuf and Stevie Nickel Stephen of that defeat against city. I thought Ryan Okay. You know it's a tough game since you're a good team. They're going to bounce back now against Brighton side. Who let's not forget haven't won a game this year yet. Go on to lose by two goals to one. What happened. What happened is what's been happening. Over the last. Three years. Maybe even longer you know, the The Times can do some good things I mean. pepys goal for example. Just a piece of individual brilliance, but unfortunately you only ever see it again and that kind of what asked Noah if he had to that another waffle defensive performance. I mean this team has nobody can even send danger the goal from the corners ridiculous to V one nobody nobody even notices to be one, and then, of course it's the second ball is well. It's the same old problems for us. No. Because it's the same team. It's the same players and until that changes you can expect NFL. Well the unexpected because we know what you're going to get from Oslo isn't changing. I didn't think it was going to change that much an game against Brighton and I don't see ginger much for the rest of the season of. The players they had outlet. Today should be good enough to Brighton. Yes, I think so I think. Did it well in a way that they I think doing eighty. The game and they are changes The across ball and and Ryan meets a made some good saves, but. I think we have to review the expectation that we have on the on the governor's. We keep the track on Moody Wear and not who they are, and and the club is not where it used to be, and those players were in on the field, and not the players that we used to see, and it's clear that A. Lack of consistency, there is a lack of performances defensively. It's quite a nightmare, and when you used to have fantastic players, international worldwide players at the the stadium and before Highbury, you want to see the same thing, but these are not the same players, and also is not the same the same team that he used to be and we. We saw that today where the can't keep a score. The of our time to school. Keep it and then at the end the surprise with with another another one two very good one, too, but like of. Mocking lack of course and tradition to even just drew a game against Brighton. That's welcoming, asked him apologists now to the shows Yuliana Ron Joel's. How'd you spend this? Like well like the boys of just said I think there's a there's a lack of efficiency in both books Tuesday's quite. Outstanding really when you think about the they they an I've been three ended up with the psycho. He teamed across bond in like two big chances, the first one brought by Deng and the second one stop by by Ryan and obviously has a big impact on the game. And then when you see the concede, because oftentimes right at the end is acceptable the where you can see the two goals, the first one on, said the second one by the end, which of course move really demi into one two, and and there's a lack of leadership again is quite. Quite important that team has been for years, but again you see these time, and you know what you even more when you can hear the players King, because you also game tonight like on Wednesday night and if you, if you don't put the fake nose up from the crowd, and she just listened to the players you can tell there's no. There's no leading that on the defensive said there's no one. Shall we taking one him who to mark where to go what to do, and nothing of the ship is a big problem as well. Isn't that something that? Could've addressed earliest TV is. Going right, this is what we're going to do for set pieces. This is your role. He's got to be at four in these sort of situation surely. Unfortunately down. You don't understand the mentality of your professional football. Just because you tell somebody with the and the situation doesn't mean the do when my most and that is. The first goal is a classic example because. Every single coach will will. Do set pc's against, and you will organize if they have to men. We will organize the one that will be to begin with. And then the second one will be told he has to go. So. Basically you rely on on players Dune as they're

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