Fauci: Next few weeks critical to tamping down virus spikes


As virus cases increase in about half the states Dr Anthony Fauci is repeating advice he's been given four months felt she says plan a is avoid crowds if you just can't the end plan B. please wear a mask at a house hearing yesterday West Virginia Republican David McKinley noted that was not always the government's advice do you now regret not advising people more forcefully to wear masks earlier okay we're gonna play that game let me explain to you what happened back then should be a yes or no no there's more than a yes and no by the tone of your question a visibly annoyed felt she said he does not regret that early in the pandemic there was not enough protective gear for health workers and the government did not want to divert scarce supplies like masks to the general public he says there are now plenty to go around Sager mag ani Washington

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