Why did Washington, DC police intervene at one federal statue’s destruction but not another?


We're learning more now about what happened this week when protesters tried to pull down the statue of president Andrew Jackson which has stood in Lafayette park since eighteen fifty three he sees police chief Peter Newsham sat down exclusively with WTOP's on making glory U. S. park police say a group of three hundred protesters took down sections of chain link fencing surrounding the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette square and quote attacked it with hammers chisels and acid while attempting to bring it down with chains we can disagree with what a statute or a piece of property represents but we have to take lawful measures to have those things removed DC police chief Peter Newsham tells WTOP his officers responded to U. S. park police calls for assistance on federal land and were able to stop the destruction of the Jackson statue but explained why his officers did not step in Friday night in judiciary square that's when a group pulled down and burned a statue of Confederate general and Mason Albert pike the tactical decision was made that the crowd had become so aggressive that it would have been dangerous to send police officers into

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