Exposing Donald Trump: Bolton book the latest in decades of White House disclosures


News apparently now another book regarding at the trump family is due to come out to here shortly and did the involves a merry trump the the niece of the presidential Turkey what's this book habit and what's going on well we don't we don't exactly know what it has in it but we we believe that it's about the president's family and how that family gave rise to what Mary trump the president needs calls the most dangerous man in America and so that's but the working title of the book is due to be published delight twenty eight and now we know the trump family has gone to court to try to stop publication with that it's got to be some kind of family secrets or something going on here but it's been a really tough I don't know the week or so maybe ten days for the present when it comes to this with the the latest book that came out from a John Bolton as well well the the Bolton look is a little bit more of a direct threat I think for the president because it does go to policy decisions that that the former national security adviser calls dangerous and and and you know we don't know what it is in merry trump's book but she's someone whose eight eight eight clinical psychologist I think at the end she is somebody who is going to try to get into the president's mindset but also I think she is going to reveal that she was the source of the New York time information about a lot of the president's finances so when the times published a series of stories about the tax returns and and other financial information did did New York contest commented on that but the book may explain you know why she decided to come forward

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