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I was so worried as a journalist. About what can I write about gardening and pandemic and I actually didn't even have to think about it because the garden is vast for climbed the for when you. have to isolate it I. I didn't fully understand quite how. Nahra Shing. Garden could be in. It was just. It was just a sort of a situation where I had to. To state the obvious, which is the gardens that just so healing and. Nourishing to people. Yeah, you emailed an exchange an email. We had the other day. You mentioned that great, Gardener and Garden Author David Culp had a sharp insight to that effect. You want to share that with everybody else what he said about. The new. Book Of cold a year at Brandy, wine cottage and I'm sure your. Your audience would love to hear directly from him, but. He shares in the book and with me that there were moments in his life where he had to. recuperate from some serious illnesses. And the impulse for. A passionate governor as we know is to. Keep T for us to be the nurse if the garden for us to keep. Looking after it and caring for it, and he said what he what he had to sort of consciously do when he was recuperating, and the garden was to allow the garden to give him some healing back, and it was ready, willing and able to do so so i. think that in itself is an incredible. Less than all of us that we have to, you know sometimes we just have to stop fretting about the weeds or the the wilted leaves or whatever. The lack of Mulch and and just sort of let the garden. You know come back to us. Just said that it reminded me of many years ago. Marco Stefan from Wave Hill who founded wave, started the gardens at wave, Hill in New York I. was moaning around this time of year when spring starts to turn to summer, and everything looks like hell. There's a lot of weeds and cutbacks to be done, and I was like. Oh it's horrible. My place looks horrible and I just can't get I can't get off the hook you know. I'm just on the hook all the time with it and I was moaning moaning, and he said Margaret you created the huck. Just EXHALE! So. It made me think of what you just. Help us, we don't just have to be the nursemaid as you just explained. I think it requires a mental shift because when you own a passionate gardener. You see it as a process is something that you're constantly doing? And we sort of just sit down and stall. And sort of see objectively the What we've created we, we come see what would create with arranged. Right.

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