Terrorist attack in British park kills three people.


A stabbing rampage that killed three people as they sat in a British park on a summer. Evening is being considered a terrorist attack. Police said on Sunday. A twenty five year, old man who is believed to be the lone attacker was in custody, but officials said the motive for the carnage was unclear. Three people were killed, and three others seriously wounded in the stabbing attack that came out of the blue on Saturday in four breed gardens, Pau in reading a town of two hundred thousand people forty miles west of London. Police were called to reports of stabbings just before seven PM and arrived to find a horrific scene within five minutes. Unarmed offices apprehended a twenty five year old local man. Police say they did not believe there was any further danger to the public. Police identified Cari Sadullah a Libyan asylum seeker living in reading. It was reported Sodano was investigated by British security services last year over concerns. He planned to travel abroad to join Jihadi group, but he was not determined to be a major threat. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said he was upholding sickened by the attack. Notes and flowers had been left on Sunday alongside the police tape in tribute to the victims Britain has been hit by several. Tara in recent years both by people inspired by the Islamic State Group and by far right extremists, Islamist inspired attacks including a suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester that killed twenty two people in two, thousand, seventeen and two deadly vehicle and knife attacks in London the same year.

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