Pierre Thomas, Tulsa Oklahoma And Rudy Guiliani discussed on Rosie on the House


Former national security adviser John Bolton can publish his book the room where it happened according to a judge who ruled against the White House bid to block publication on national security grounds ABC's Martha Raddatz sat down with Bolton for an interview that aired Sunday night the name calling from president trump schoolyard quality labelling his former hand picked national security adviser a wacko and calling his new book a compilation of lies and made up stories Bolton in comments to A. B. C. just brushing it off Sir unbecoming of the office of president I think it degrades the political civil discourse in our country and I'm just not going to respond to it Bolton says he does not believe the book contains classified material as the president has claimed but in allowing publication the judge also ruled that Bolton court likely jeopardize national security by disclosing classified information in violation of non disclosure agreement obligations and this is not the only legal battle involving the trump administration today after Attorney General William Barr said Friday the U. S. attorney for Manhattan Geoffrey Berman was resigning more on that from ABC's Pierre Thomas a short while later Berman put out a blunt statement in response basically saying this was news to him and that he had no intention of resigning the job our sources telling us last night after would bar was moving to fire Berman who's been fiercely independent as U. S. attorney is investigating the president's attorney Rudy guiliani tonight the president returned to the campaign trail with a rally in Tulsa Oklahoma health officials are concerned about covert nineteen especially since mask wearing is not mandatory White House press secretary Kaylee McEntee said Friday it's a personal choice.

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