Times They Are A' Changin - burst 5

Fame is a Bitch


Outlets Lila's and hold onto your claiming wheat boxes in your pantry might be worth money some because they're coming for the guy in cover the common for Rastas. There's now uproar. Rosters got it serves the cream of wheat with the big hat. Apparently Ross is a partial racial slur I I'm not aware of IT I. Don't I mean I I'm sure I'm sure it's true I just. Never heard the name and thought it was a racial slur, but Not many know the real story of Ross. I got omit if if I get upset about the way, Italians have portrayed in lady and the tramp when they I am, they look like idiots telling the kids eat spaghetti to watch you make the meet the ball. They have your spaghetti. I can't take it. If I get historic when they show Italians eating in olive garden. I've gotTa have some. For the way blacks report trade on fuck and food, products or cleaning I have to otherwise it'd be hypocrisy and I'm against hypocrisy. So I'm fine with these people or ED's getting makeovers. I don't give a fuck put. Billy, Dee Williams on the cover of a nice natural I'm only kidding. Put anybody on the cover or just lose the fucking dial together. It's the product. We love not his black face on the top. Cream of wheat since eighteen ninety three in the story of Rastas.

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